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Open Mike Eagle presents "Woke As Me" (feat. Phonte)


Brand new from Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaughn's The New Negroes show on Comedy Central, 'Woke As Me' is a hilarious and dope and insightful new tune from a couple of our favorite MC's: Open Mike Eagle has been making lots and lots of our absolute favorite music for years now, and Phonte who we all know and love from Little Brother and Foreign Exchange and his incredible solo records.


The video is out tomorrow so stay tuned!



The Foreign Exchange present 'Home'

Phonte and Nicolay and fam are BACK with a new record called 'Tales From The Land of Milk and Honey' and the first single 'Home'. It fits right in with the rest of their catalog of funky, feel good, uptempo, extra soulful greatness. We love it.


Zo! f. Phonte & Eric Roberson "We Are On The Move"

A super disco r&b funk jam with so much soul we can't even explain it.  Paired with a hilarious classic style video, this is beautiful Saturday morning music.


The Foreign Exchange f. Eric Roberson & Shana Tucker "Better"

There is so much talent rolled into The Foreign Exchange family, it's hard to believe that such a forward thinking and extra soulful entity could even exist.  Between Phonte and Nicolay, alongside their amazing extended family, there is a never ending collection of groundbreaking r&b that we can never get enough of.  

Buy Love In Flying Colors on iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lov...


Long awaited new music from The Foreign Exchange!

Our favorite r&b team, Phonte and Nicolay (with a bunch of other great musicians) aka The Foreign Exchange are back and we couldn't be more pumped about it.  Check out this fantastic new tune with a vivid and beautiful video from Kenneth Price.  Enjoy "Call It Home"

Love In Flying Colors drops 9/24/13 on +FE Musichttp://theforeignexchangemusic.com