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Chromeo ft. The Dream 'Bedroom Calling'


'Bedroom Calling' is the latest from Chromeo, the second track from their upcoming album Head Over Heels.  'Juice' was the first single, and it's really dope but this one brings a collaboration that really seems too good to be true.  The Dream is a perfect fit on this energetic, romantic groove that is somehow both classic Chromeo and completely fresh.  With this new release we've got no idea what to expect from the duo on Head Over Heels, but you just know it's gonna be great.   You can preorder the album here and get tickets to the Head Over Heels world tour here.


The Dream:


SBTRKT releases 2 new tracks

SBTRKT has revealed two new songs in the last few days.  They both come from the upcoming record 'Save Yourself'.  The first track is 'Good Morning' featuring the Dream, an optimistic synthesizer symphony, unpredictable at every turn.  The second is 'I Feel Your Pain' with D.R.A.M. and Mabel, an emotive tale of heartbreak.  'Good Morning' is available free, thanks to SBTRKT's mailing list.  Sign up here, and get your free download of 'Good Morning', and hopefully many more surprises to come...


New video for "Too Early" by The Dream & Gary Clark Jr.

This is a match made in future r&b collaboration heaven.  Check out two super talents joining forces on the extra soulful "Too Early"!


The Music: The Dream pt. 2

Noisey's adventures with the Dream aka Terius Nash continue.  Part two goes into the studio with him as he finishes up his album 'IV Play'.  He talks about his own music, and writing songs for other artists.  'IV Play' was released yesterday, so watch this and get that album!


The Man - The Dream

Noisey has just released the first episode of the Man: The Dream.  You'll learn a lot about one of the most creative, unique and talented artists in modern music.  The film comes just prior to the release of IV Play next week. It'll be the fifth album from the artist otherwise known as Terius Nash, you can preorder it here.