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Brand new from The Dears. Listen to "All The Hail Marys"

The Dears have done it again, we are so happy they are still grinding, still creating, and still giving the world beautiful music. "All The Hail Marys" is a bit of a laid back, soul infused slow burner of a tune. We've been loving this band for more than a decade now, and one of the beautiful things about them is, if you're a new listener, you don't have to go back to the beginning necessarily, start here! Right now! You're going to love this:


5 Song From The Dears That We Love And You Will Too

 Good news as of late, The Dears are back and ready to make a ton more great music.  To celebrate, we're posted their amazing new track and a few of our old favorites!  Enjoy!

5. There Goes My Outfit

4. Lost In The Plot

3. Ticket To Immortality

2. Demons

1. I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall



The Dears: 'I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall'


The highly regarded Montreal band the Dears are about to release their sixth album.  'Times Infinity Volume One' is due out in September and the first single is here now.  Following a period of questioning the future of the band, the single 'I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall' shows they're on top of their game.  They've embraced the emotional side of that uncertainty in the new single and with it crafted something beautiful. Pre-order 'Times Infinity Volume One' on iTunes.



Classic of the day: The Dears - There Goes My Outfit

In August of 2006 The Dears released 'Gang of Losers' in Canada on Maple Music.  A few short months later the album was released in the United States on Arts and Crafts.  The album was a Polaris Music Prize finalist in 2007, and featured the song 'There Goes My Outfit'.  Singer Murray Lightburn has descirbed the songs origins as stemming from a time when at a party a friend spilled an entire Tequila Sunrise on him.  It was on a day where he was particularly uniquely dressed and his reaction was to stand up and announce 'Well, there goes my outfit.' to much laughter from the rest of the party.


Sunday Movie 014: Never Destroy Us: The Dears documentary at Pasaguero (Documentary)


We have loved the Dears for a while now.  We came across them a bit late, when a friend recommended we purchase Gang of Losers, but we've been on board ever since.  We stumbled across this CBC documentary on the band, showcasing some serious ups and downs for the band since about the time we started really enjoying their music up until recently.

This is a really well done documentary, and the Dears are a really great band.  Enjoy.