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Makeness: "Carved"

Temple Works is the upcoming EP from Makeness, and we've just heard the first track.  "Carved" clocks in around 8 minutes, and the thumping groove is simply magnetic.  This is an exciting announcement, with the EP being released as a white label on June 16th.  Makeness is the work of Kyle Molleson, and with the song "Carved" and the album art for Temple Works he's got our attention.

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Maya Jane Coles: Won't Let You Down

Maya Jane Coles eclipses some big expectations with her latest EP Won't Let You Down.  The title track is an instant favourite, the sort of song that will stick with you after it's over.  Along with the original version there's a pair of remixes by Catz N' Dogz and Paride Saraceni.  On top of that the tracks "Cherry Bomb" and "Round In Circles" give you a whole lot of great music to take in.  Get it here.


Josh Wink: "Resist"

Josh Wink's latest has been taking off all over the world.  This tune, coming in three versions on the single release can be a mantra or a chant for a crowd.  "Resist" encapsulates the raw futuristic elements of techno that make it revolutionary.  Josh Wink provides yet another addition to his dynamic, unpredictable catalogue.  In addition check out his incredible Boiler Room debut here!

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Verhalten "Pictures Drawn In Water"

 Known moreso for industrial and noise music, traditionally, the brilliant Verhalten released 'Forgiveness' at the end of March (2017) and with it, the brilliant, grimy techno tune 'Pictures Drawn In Water'.

The video is a fitting, textural, visual white noise accompaniment, shot on tour in Europe. We hope you enjoy!

From MT022 "Forgiveness"


Carl Craig: 'At Les' Versus Edit Version

Carl Craig's latest release is a reinvention of a track from 1997's 'More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art'.  Behold the Versus edit of 'At Les', a song Craig created while watching across the river from Detroit.  The song has evolved through time and takes on a cinematic element with this new instrumentation.  The song is performed alongside Xavier Roth, Les Siècles and Francesco Tristano in this new incarnation.  The track is available here.