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Photo of the day: The Less I Know The Better

The Less I Know The Better: Tame Impala at Bestival Toronto.  Photo by @yahohyah


Top 5 Tracks at Governors Ball 2015


In the week since Governors Ball, it's started to feel like the festival happened ages ago.  Despite this, there have been a few songs that we heard over the weekend that made a memorable impression.  They're evocative of the vibe on Randall's Island, and help take us back to the rainy and sunny days and long nights in New York.  Some of these are older favourites, and some are quite new but one thing is true regardless, they are examples of the mysterious power of music.


1. Future Islands: 'Back In The Tall Grass'

The opening track for what was the stand out set for us made it clear this was truly a one of a kind experience.  The music is so heartfelt and sincere to the band that it will certainly move you too if you let it.  'Back In The Tall Grass' leads to you to think about the people you care most about on 'Singles' and is far more powerful live and up close.


2. Tame Impala: 'Cause I'm A Man'

The single from the psychedelic Australian band's new album 'Currents' has been on heavy rotation for us since it's release.  Midway through their Sunday afternoon set they lean into a hazy rendition that sounds like the original album version, only tailored slightly for the occasion.  It was almost as if Tame Impala could sense where everyone was at in their Governors Ball weekend, and provided a perfectly calm, refreshing moment.


3. Hot Chip: 'Let Me Be Him' 

The track we thought was the finale to Hot Chip's stellar set played out like an affirmation.  A decision to take the steps to become that person we envision.  It was a joyful celebration of possibilities, and a reminder why everyone in that crowd wants, and even needs to get out there.  The spend the rare moments of a music festival singing along with thousands of people really feels so good.  The band surprised us all with an encore, performing Bruce Springsteen's classic 'Dancing In The Dark'. 


4. Nadus: 'Nxwxrk'

In the final hours of Governors Ball we passed by the VIP area near the mainstage, and were caught by surprise.  The unmistakable sound of Nadus' club masterpiece 'Nxwxrk' called out 'JERSEY!'.  It took a moment, but we spotted A-Trak playing a set to small crowd (by comparison) and absolutely turning it out.  There's no doubt in our minds that the Fool's Gold founder is one of the dopest dj's EVER. 


5. Logic: 'I'm Gone'

Logic performed at 3 pm on the final day of Governors Ball.  The MC delivered a high energy show that proved to us that he absolutely loves what he does and probably had the most fun out of the thousands of people in attendance.  He passionately delivered the lyrics to one of our favourite songs from the album 'Under Pressure'.  He led the audience through the hook, and the echo of the chorus sung by the massive crowd is something we will never forget...



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Photo of the day: Tame Impala live at Governors Ball 2015!


Tame Impala "Cause I'm A Man"

And we thought we couldn't love Tame Impala any more.  The band released the single "Cause I'm A Man" from the upcoming album "Currents".  This is their follow up to 2012's incredible album "Lonerism".  We're still awaiting a release date, but this beautiful song coupled with the 8 minute single "Let It Happen" is a wonderful introduction to an album that we simply cannot wait for...


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Tame Impala: Be Above It (Erol Alkan rework)

'Be Above It' is from Tame Impala's second album 'Lonerism'.  The Perth, Australia band is nothing short of astounding with their psychedelic sound, and adding Erol Alkan to the mix is a great move.  The remix will be released on limited vinyl, with only 1500 copies printed and then released digitally next month.  This truly is the meeting of two amazing artists.

Tame Impala:

Erol Alkan: