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When We Were Young: Dillon Francis/Sultan + Ned Shepard

Dillon Francis has teamed up with the duo Sultan + Ned Shepard, and the Chain Gang of 1974 for the new single 'When We Were Young'.  The song can be found on Francis' long awaited debut full length album 'Money Sucks, Friends Rule'.  It's now up for preorder, and with that you get 'When We Were Young' and the huge single 'Get Low'.  For the very serious fans, there's also the ultimate players bundle, available for a limited time.  It includes a cd, and digital copy of the album, a t shirt, and a compilation including a number of his biggest tunes and singles that have led the way to this album.  Preorder on iTunes and get your players bundle here!


Sultan + Ned Shepard: All These Roads (Fixyn Remix)

Sultan and Ned Shepard have a huge single on their hands with Zella Day and Sam Martin on the vocals in 'All These Roads'.  Right now we're bringing you the Fixyn remix, a brilliantly crafted, highly energetic track.  This free one is going to be perfect on your New Year's Eve playlist!


'Long Way From Home'

This combination of house producers has a certain level of expectations that come with it.  Fedde LeGrand is widely respected, and Sultan and Ned Shepard are noteworthy musicians too.  They take 'Long Way From Home' in a direction that we'd never have anticipated, and the results are amazing.

Fedde le Grand & Sultan + Ned Shepard - Long Way From Home by Fedde le Grand (Official)