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DJ Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo - Moombah (Afrojack Rmx - Munchi's Shoutout To Naffie VIP)

 This is an absolute anthem, and Munchi has always been known for smashing it out of the park 100% percent of the time. A lot of the big names right now got their styles from tunes like this. And rightly so, it continues to be a complete game changer.

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Stream Breakfast In Fur's brand new album "Flyaway Garden"

We assure you, this warm, intriguing blend of indie rock/dream pop will embrace you today.  If you're sitting at your desk, working at home, at the gym, waiting for the bus, whatever, you should play yourself this new Breakfast In Fur album.  It will make your day better.  The beautiful vocals and the masterful instrumentation combined with a whole lot of love and care will take hold of you and make you a better person. 

Take this album on a roadtrip, drink some coffee, hold hands with your significant other, laugh at yourself, look up at the sky, love who you are.  And definitely listen to "Flyaway Garden" by Breakfast In Fur because it is a beautiful new album that will set your spirit free.

Get it Here: http://bit.ly/1F2Cfus
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1Ap0nsc

Tour Dates:

02/05 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium

02/06 - New Paltz, NY @ Snugs

02/27 - Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge

03/14 - Rosendale, NY @ Market Market Cafe

03/17-22 - Austin, TX @ SXSW Music Conference


Shift Key present "Not Into It"

This tune is so full of sass and funky deep bass that how could we possibly not be into it?  


Stream Fei-Fei's amazing new album "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate"

This one caught us off guard in the best way, we thought we were in for a bunch of 4/4 grooves that we knew we would love.  However, Fei Fei has done some serious sonic exploration and experimentation this one and has simply made an album of beautiful music.  This is such a versatile and engaging album that you could literally do anything to it.  Exercise stuff, studying stuff, sexy stuff, dancing stuff.  Whatever kind of stuff you're into, Fei Fei has got you covered.  Much respect to her, "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate" is a homerun.

Remember if you love something, support it.  Buy it, share it, tell your friends, go to a show, hi five a stranger.

Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate Out now on iTunes:

Valise "Charlie Gray"


Dallas band Valise is about to release their album 'Young Bloomer'.  The title suits their sound wonderfully, with the single 'Charlie Gray' delivering beautiful lyrics over enchanting melodies and tightly assembled percussion.  The tight, unique track really builds anticipation for the full length.  Get the single free, or on iTunes!