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Tuxedo present '2nd Time Around'

Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are back with another Tuxedo record.  '2nd' Time Around' is the first single from the perfectly titled 'Tuxedo II'.  Stones Throw Records released the album, along with this perfect video for the classic feel of this disco smash.  This is one group that manages to create throwback music that still feels incredibly fresh.  Get 'Tuxedo II' here.

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Jonti ft. Steve Lacy: 'Scrood' on Future Classic/Stones Throw

Jonti's new track immediately reminds us of the hazy memories of summertime.  The ones that begin to blur and fade too fast.  This track is the first Jonti has released since signing with Future Classic, co-released by Stones Throw Records.  'Scrood' is a collaboration with Steve Lacy, and came from late night sessions and was named by Lacy.  Jonti describes it best:

“Envisioned a story to go with it of a man walking through a burning city to get to this person he loves. Which is a metaphor, saying that even though it feels like the world is falling apart, I’m still going to try do my best and soldier forward with love.”

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Homeboy Sandman - Talking (Bleep) prod. EDAN!

The new record from Homeboy Sandman is entitled 'Kindness For Weakness', due in May.  This new tune has emerged, 'Takling (Bleep)' an unpredictable lyrical adventure produced by Edan.  Homeboy Sandman gets very real on this one, on a variety of subjects.  It's an exciting intro to the new record, watch for it


Tour The Home of Peanut Butter Wolf!

Take a tour of the home of Stone's Throw Records founder and dj extraordinaire Peanut Butter Wolf.  Complex and DTS Play-Fi take you on this inside look at the role music can play in making a home feel comfortable.  This is an interesting look at the life of one of the most unique and influential people in the music business. 


Guilty Simpson 'The D'

'Detroit's Son' is the newest album from Guilty Simpson on Stones Throw Records.  The single and video for 'The D' perfectly illustrate how the raw, gritty sound of his music reflects the power and determination of the city he comes from, and calls home.  The video combines some of the cities icons with the realities of what the citizens of Detroit face everyday.  No one else can do it like this.

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UPDATE! Listen to 'The Vanguard Organization' now!