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17 Essential Wu Tang Tracks

Here are 17 of our favorite tunes from one of the best crews to ever come together to bless the mic.
1. Triumph


2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin'


3. Daytona 500



4. NYC Everything



5. C.R.E.A.M.



6. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)



7. It's Yourz



8. Can It Be All So Simple



9. Reunited



10. Wu Wear



11. Method Man



12. Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)



13. Sucker MC's



14. The Worst



15. Gravel Pit



16. UZI



17. I Can't Go To Sleep



It Ain't Over Yet

The aftermath of hurricane Sandy is every bit as fearsome as the storm itself.  Especially for those right in the middle of the mayhem.  The city of New York is a frightening, but inspiring reminder of how people will do anything and everything they can to help their neighbours in times of peril.

For so many people throughout the world, the feeling is one of relieved compassion.  We are thankful, and we will do what we can to help.  A good example is the 'text to donate' campaign by the American Red Cross, made prominent by everyone from celebrities on twitter, to the NFL during their broadcasts this weekend.  

One thing we discovered recently was that some of the areas surrounding New York City are in dire need of supplies, and media coverage.  We found this story on Truth-Out.Org, pointing out how many people's homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged in Staten Island and things even more terrifying and gruesome than that.

Rarely in the news, but faced with devastation many people are without homes.  In some cases, the houses are still standing, but need extensive repairs.  Some have even been lifted from their foundation. (See above photo)

Many people feel abandoned by anyone outside of the area as the community reaches out to help each other.  The island already feels remote, and with a gas shortage and limited cellphone reception that feeling is amplified.  There's no imagining what living through this would be like.  There's only gratitude for who and what we have and whatever we can do to help.

In Canada click here to donate to the Red Cross, and click here for the American Red Cross.  Below is a list of text to donate programs assisting with hurricane Sandy relief:


REDCROSS to 90999 to support the American Red Cross
STORM to 80888 to give to the Salvation Army
HUMANE to 80888 for the American Humane Association
UWHC to 52000 to the United Way of Hudson County, N.J.

each message sent to these organizations will be a $10 donation, and can be repeated up to five times.  

In the United States, Verizon customers will see their donations matched up to 1 million dollars.  The NFL reached out to it's fans, encouraging text donations to the American Red Cross and to assist in anyway possible.  After much discussion with the Governor of New Jersey, the NFL decided to proceed with Sunday afternoon's game in East Rutherford New Jersey.  

It was inspiring to see people who have lost nearly everything still find something to celebrate.  The New York Giants' Martellus Bennett had this to say "You always want to win and it was great as to how many people showed up with what was going on in the city and it was a hard-fought game.  I don't think they were let down. We did the same thing the city has been doing, which is fighting, fighting, fighting. Everybody has come back and we have to continue to fight. People in the city are continuing to fight and you can't win every battle, but you live to fight again."

Let's not forget anyone who is out there, fighting for their lives and those who need help.  Please mark your donations 'Disaster Relief' so that the money goes directly to where it is needed most.  As it gets colder, it will not get easier and our help is needed more and more.

For more information on the situation in Staten Island, check out this post on truth-out.org.