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Atmosphere's New Video for 'Virgo'

Atmosphere released their latest video and announced their new album Mi Vida Loca.  Like so many albums from the acclaimed duo the cover is a photograph of Slug, a portrait of the lyricist that reflects the raw honesty of the music.  The photo gives you a glimpse at what you'll hear on the first song.  There's a kind of sad honesty on 'Virgo' that seems to come from wrestling with determination to remain optimistic, and accepting that the world is a mess and you can't fix everything.  Even before Slug's verse begins the guitar and organ manage to say more than you'd ever expect.

And then he begins "I pledge alleigance to myself..."

Preorder Mi Vida Loca here!



Atmosphere: 'Make It All Better Again'

Atmosphere do it again, and remind us why their one of the dopest duos in hip hop.  They've grown along with their fans, and the soulful sounds of Ant and the thoughtful observations of Slug continue to draw in new listeners looking for that certain voice and sound.  That balance of the optimistic and the solemn is what has always made their music feel real.  In addition to 'Make It All Better Again' they've also released the details of a 2 month long headline tour with deM atlaS, The Lioness and DJ Keezy 

Get 'Make It All Better Again' here


Logic 'Tree of Life' with Slug and Killer Mike!

 Logic's massive new tune with two legends (Slug & Killer Mike) is absolutely incredible. Expect mega lyricism, honesty, and so much soul you won't know what to do with it. Proof that hip hop is alive and well and in good hands.


Atmosphere presents 'My Best Half'

Over a classic sounding Ant beat, Slug drops some truth about his beloved wife, his best half. Ant lays the keys so beautifully, in a way we all have come to love so much. This is the sound that Atmosphere created and perfected. This is amazing.


13 Atmosphere Tracks That Blow Our Minds, Every Time:

Rhymesayers Entertainment celebrated their 20th anniversary recently, here's 13 reasons why we love the hip hop duo Atmosphere who helped start it all!

1. Modern Man's Hustle

2. Guns And Cigarettes

3. Scapegoat

4. Smart Went Crazy

5. Angelface

6. Little Man

7. Vampires

8. If I Was Santa Clause

9. The Loser Wins

10. YGM

11. Sound Is Vibration

12. National Disgrace

13. Always Coming Back Home To You