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Years & Years present 'Palo Santo' the short film

You may have heard Years & Years released their second album last week, Palo Santo and with it came the short film directed by Fred Rowson.  For those so inclined, it's the opportunity to dive into the world that the band have created for this album.  From the symbols present on the album art, and within the film, to the ominous prescence of the ever-evolving androids, the depth of this project is revealed.  The album is a bold representation of their energetic, soulful sounds, and this time around they're reaching further with the influences their exploring.  This is a good look at the themes that inspired this Palo Santo, get it here if you haven't yet, and watch the film below. 



Jessie Reyez: "Kiddo" and the short film "Gatekeeper"

Jessie Reyez is turning heads with her new EP Kiddo, and a cameo on Calvin Harris' all star album Funk Wav Bounces: Vol. 1.  The Toronto singer also has a live performance coming up in her hometown at the Mod Club.  Along with the release of Kiddo comes the release of the short film Gatekeeper: A True Story.  Within this short film Reyez tells a tale that is nothing short of terrifying, and yet all too real.  She's shared a raw event from her life, and after watching the listener begins to understand the determination it took to bring Kiddo to life.

Get the EP here | Get tickets to see Jessie Reyez 7/7 at the Mod Club




ACES 'Find Me Out' - The Final Installment of Their Short Film Series!

 Brooklyn band ACES are off to an amazing start. (Not that they're new, but we are just catching wind). This trio of songs with videos that comprise a short film are an absolute MUST, and we emplore you to get ready for what is going to be some of your favorite new music.




VIDEO: Grandtheft ft. Lowell 'Quit This City'

Grandtheft's song 'Quit This City' with Lowell is already an emotional one.  This video directed by John Poliquin makes this such a heavy experience, by including a powerful story of a terrifying reality of our world.  The video is more a short film than anything else, the song and story fit perfectly each lends power to the other...

Director John Poliquin:

"Shot across two nights in Barcelona with a primarily Spanish cast and crew, these scenes are a combination of conventional filmmaking and on-the-wall documentary observations. Many of the scenes were filmed in the rowdy nightlife district where the camera had to be concealed at points for safety. The scenes where the girls are working the corner was photographed on a long lens from across the street, which led to the actresses being approached by both police and men looking to hire sex workers. Some of the men who approached the actresses were disrespectful and harassing, which unfortunately mirrored the malicious spirit of the final man in the film."

Get 'Quit This City' on iTunes.


Insight: An Experimental Skate Board Film By Jan Minol


This short film is going to absolutely bend your mind in several different directions.  We wish you could break this one down for you, but we aren't entirely sure what we just watched!  Changes in cameras, locations, angles, and pretty much everything else make this one of the most fascinating internet videos we've seen in a bit.  Enjoy!