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Swan Lingo: 'What Did You Learn' on WEDIDIT

'What Did You Learn' is not exactly what you first think of when you envision a new track on WEDIDIT.  Then again, Swan Lingo isn't your average performer.  The two new tracks are the ultimately catchy and introspective 'What Did You Learn', along with the b-side 'What Makes You Sad'.  The low fidelity sound is an important part of the music, as these beautiful, poignantly written songs maintain power in the rawness, and would certainly lose that with the ultra polished, digitally perfect modern finishing touch.  Each aspect, down to the Shlohmo created cover art is a unique element, contributing to this brilliant and unpredictable release...

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Shlohmo presents: 'Bad Vibes' 

Shlohmo's 'Bad Vibes' is making a return, five years after the original release.  WeDidIt Records are releasing a speciall anniversary edition of the record, along with the long lost 'Places' EP and some rare live tracks.  The vinyl edition will include the 2XLP  of the original album, along with a bonus third disc.  Preorder it here.



VIDEO: Shlohmo "Beams"

Shlohmo delivers the second video from his new album.  "Dark Red" is due out in April, and following the release of "Buried" we are absolutely fascinated about what we can expect from the new album.  "Beams" leans towards drum and bass without sacrificing Shlohmo's signature sound.  The video is a fast paced collection of images, one that suits the track perfectly.  Preorder "Dark Red" now!



VIDEO: Shlohmo "Buried" from "Dark Red"

Lance Drake transcends the medium of music videos with his work on Shlohmo's new single "Buried".  What you have here instead is a self contained horror film that accomplishes in less than 7 minutes what often can't be done at all.  The tale follows Shlohmo's dynamic, brooding, ominous track perfectly.  The sense of danger, and the presence of death will follow you through this video, and leave you with an uneasy curiousity.  What actually happened here?  Brace yourselves, and preorder "Dark Red" here!


Perera Elsewhere: Light Bulb (Shlohmo remix)

 Perera Elsewhere's 2013 album 'Everlast' is being rereleased in its deluxe format.  FriendsofFriends brings you the original songs, and in addition an incredible pile of remixes of those sweet original tunes.  With names like Planningtorock, Antipop Consortium, and this genius mix by Shlohmo, this one is worth waiting for.  May 6th brings the release of the double album, and you can preorder it now.  Get to know some of the greatest music of our time, the genius of Perera Elsewhere is still being discovered by some.  Don't wait one minute more! iTunes preorder.