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Shakka - Man Down (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Official Video)

 We were absolutely delighted to have this new Shakka tune with AlunaGeorge make it's way into our inbox. They make a great team over this moombah type vibe production, because let's be honest, Aluna turns everything she touches to gold.

Shakka is a bright light of promise and we are pretty sure he's about to blow the eff up too. Make sure you check this out:

Download/stream: http://trakhouse.co/ManDown



Shakka: Just Want To See You 

Shakka's ballad 'Just Want To See You' is at the same time delicate and dynamic.  As the track begins it's just Shakka's voice and guitar and as the song progresses, and changes its energy grows.  Each and every one of the remixes does the same thing but in the style of each individual artist.  DeanyBoy, Jack The Builder, and Anton F provide some amazing, inspiring music and accomplish a rare feat.  The EP which consists of the original song and 3 remixes of it is a brilliant listen from beginning to end.