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Sevdaliza presents 'Humana'

Sevdaliza brings you 'Humana', and this beautiful song really should sound familiar by now.  This is Sevdalizas Portuguese rendition of 'Human', found on her 2017 breakout debut ISON.  This serves as a brilliant follow up to her EP The Calling and shows the enchanting soul she reveals with each song.  Few artists can make such a profound impression so quickly, take a listen to 'Humana' below and listen to ISON here, and The Calling here.


Sevdaliza Announces 'The Calling'

It's safe to say that we fell in love with Sevdaliza's dark, ominous beauty of song 'Soul Syncable'.  So when it came to the release of the next single, we expected something completely different.  'Human Nature' is the latest to be released, and that expectation is the only safe one.  Both songs come from The Calling, her new EP due later this month.  It's the follow up to her album ISON, which is definitely essential listening as well.

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Sevdaliza's latest 'Soul Syncable'

Early yesterday Sevdaliza released her new single 'Soul Syncable'.  From the first listen it's an enchantingly beautiful song that brings some darkness along with it.  The strings set the tone but the bass is a perfect counterpoint, establishing balance before the delayed guitar, and Sevdaliza's stunning voice complete the picture.  From moment one this song established itself as a new, moody favourite, and that's a testament to Sevdaliza's brilliance and her dedication to her unique creative vision.  We can only hope this is part of a larger collection of music soon to come.  Either way, 'Soul Syncable' makes an instant, yet lasting impression.

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Sevdaliza presents: "ISON"

With the unexpected release of her album ISON yesterday Sevdaliza has acheived something astounding.  Her irreverent album reached # 1 on the iTunes electronic charts in the United States, Poland, and the Netherlands.  It also cracked the top 5 in several more markets, an impressive feat for an independent artist with a surprise release date like this.  Check out a few tracks from ISON below and get the album here!

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Sevdaliza 'Hero'

Sevdaliza's new song 'Hero' is a testament to her powerful connection to her mother, pictured with the artist in the cover art.  The song comes from the upcoming album 'ISON', out later this year.  Sevdaliza describes the song in her own words:

'remember how life was given to you
by the grace of your mother's womb
it called you to become aware'

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