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Photo of the day: One of the world’s first underwater photographs. Louis Boutan, 1893

One of the world’s first underwater photographs. Louis Boutan, 1893

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‘SUN’, A Collection of Time-Lapse Footage of the Sun’s Atmosphere Taken Over Four Years

 You should start your day by having your mind completely blown by this time-lapse of the giant ball of insanity that allows us to be alive. Check this out:

SUN from Michael König on Vimeo.



Learn About The Tapir! Nature's Gardener!

 Superhero Patricia Medici hosts a short TED Talk about an amazing creature that 99% of us have probab ly never even heard of. We will let her do the talking, but there are some fascinating facts about this friendly, if elusive mammal, found in Brazil - so press play and see why they are so great, and why they must be protected!


A Mindblowing Up Close Look At Honey Bees

This is fascinating, a must watch:

'Without bees, our food supply would be in danger. And our planet would never recover'.


GoPro: Red Bull Stratos - The Full Story

 Red Bull and GoPro team up to present this phenomenal project wherein Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner basically jumps to earth. From space. And he lands on his feet. This is one of the coolest things we've ever seen on the internet.