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Swamp Thing present 'The Octagon'

The Octagon is the new album from Swamp Thing.  It's out October 31st, and today we're all about 'The House Of Wax'.  Savilion, Chokeules and Timbuktu are a dope rap trio, plus it's produced by Ghettosocks and has a few special guests.  Releasing an album on Halloween is perfect for these guys, and based on the first few tracks and incredible cover art this is going to be big.  Listen to 'The House Of Wax' below and check out Swamp Thing on Bandcamp to hear a few more songs and get the album 




The homeys Chokeules, Timbuktu and Savilion are ALWAYS on point and this new video from the brand new album Planet Murk is more proof with your meal.

Download & CD: URBNET.com/swampthing


Backburner presents 'Bottle Caps'

The Backburner dudes are so prolific and on point, and 'Bottle Caps' can only further solidify that belief.  Coming from their brand new LP "Eclipse", here's some of our favorite Canadian MCs going in in a big way.

DOWNLOAD OR STREAM BACKBURNER'S NEW ALBUM, ECLIPSE:https://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/...

"40 Year Old Vegan" by Chokeules

The legendary member of rap group Toolshed, and the Backburner crew Chokeules has a new video for you.  This is pretty unorthodox, considering the average rap video, but then again Choke and his crew have always been above average rappers.  '40 Year Old Vegan' shows the mc as he debates culinary possibilities, and really seems to be enticing the listeners into thinking a little bit harder about what they eat, and why.  It's incredible, and beyond that he's found a way to bring up the debate that is so often cringeworthy.

From the album Stay Up available here: http://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/a...

Video by Dan Jardine (@deanofdanger) for Boom Shoal Enterprises (@boomshoal).https://www.facebook.com/boomshoal 

Special thanks to all the people & animals at Wishing Well Sanctuary. For more info, or to volunteer/donate, visit http://www.wishingwellsanctuary.org/

Chokeules - 40-Year-Old Vegan (Produced by Savilion, Cuts by DJiRATE.) 

40-Year-Old Vegan video produced/directed/edited by Dan Jardine. 


Photos: Swamp Thing at Rancho Relaxo, June 22/12

Big thanks to Swamp Thing, the Backburner supergroup consisting of Savilion, Chokeules and Timbuktu.  We managed to get there just in time for the video debut, which of course was incredible.  Watch it below, you'll be glad you did. 

Swamp Thing tore through the tracks on their new Grind House EP and a few others, leaving everyone wanting more.  Listen to the EP below, and make sure you like/follow/subscribe to these guys, they make a ton of great music and everyone including you will be happier if you listen to it.