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Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown ft. RZA: 'Rise Of The Ghostface Killah'

Ghostface Killah and Apollo Brown have The Brown Tape on the way, and the newest single also features the RZA.  This record is like nothing you've ever heard before, the RZA narrates the horror/crime legend as Ghostface Killah takes to the mic over Apollo Brown beats.  The results are tough as nails and make for a truly groundbreaking album.  Watch for it January 28th on Mello Music Group


Banks & Steelz present 'Giant'

The dream team of Paul Banks of Interpol and RZA of Wu Tang Clan aka Banks & Steelz are unleashing some fury on this new song. RZA goes in like we haven't heard in a while - and Paul Banks brings his magnetic signature hook and some incredible production. Don't miss this one!

Banks & Steelz will release Anything But Words feat. "Giant" on August 26 2016. Pre-order now at

UPDATE! Check out this tune 'Sword In The Stone' with the legend, Kool Keith!


17 Essential Wu Tang Tracks

Here are 17 of our favorite tunes from one of the best crews to ever come together to bless the mic.
1. Triumph


2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin'


3. Daytona 500



4. NYC Everything



5. C.R.E.A.M.



6. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)



7. It's Yourz



8. Can It Be All So Simple



9. Reunited



10. Wu Wear



11. Method Man



12. Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)



13. Sucker MC's



14. The Worst



15. Gravel Pit



16. UZI



17. I Can't Go To Sleep



Linear Labs: Los Angeles 

Linear Labs Los Angeles is available now.  The album contains incredible music by Adrian Younge, his band Venice Dawn, and artists like Ghostface Killah, RZA, and Raekwon, Laetitia Sadier, Souls of Mischief and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  The album brilliantly showcases the explorative sound of Linear Labs, and lets you see a glimpse of what you can expect from them in the future.  The track "Return of the Savage" features 3 Wu-Tang Clan members, and it previews the upcoming album from Ghostface and Younge "12 Reasons To Die II", coming in July.  Get Linear Labs: Los Angeles on iTunes


Classic of the day: RZA & GZA "Third World" prod. DJ Muggs

 Coming from the now classic DJ Muggs 'Soul Assassins' album that featured everyone who seemed to matter in rap at the time.  The album had tunes from Goodie Mob, Dr. Dre & B Real, Mobb Deep, KRS One and so many more.  Most importantly it featured this RZA & GZA tune that sounds like it could have easily been a 36 Chambers b side.  'Third World' is a two parter, both the intro and the track itself being massively huge beats, and both MCs doing what they do best on the mic.  Enjoy.