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Woodpigeon - Red Rover Red Rover (Video)

This guy makes exceptional grown up music that is still incredibly fun.


The Blue Stones - How's That Sound?

Windsor, Ontario's incredible two piece super talent rock dudes have an album called How's That Sound and you owe it to yourself to listen to it immediately.

These gentlemen also have two Toronto dates coming up in March, one on Thursday March 7 at Dakota Tavern, and another Canadian Music Week on Thursday March 21 at Rancho Relaxo.  Get there.
More info on those and some other dates here:

Mar 08
Mar 09
Mar 19
Mar 21
Mar 22

Sound City Players: You Can't Fix This

Incredible tune from Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Rami Jaffee.  Recorded on the original Sound City board from the incredible documentary of the same name, Sound City.  Amazing.

Let Me Be Fictional: A Documentary About LADYHAWK


Ladyhawk is a band from BC, Canada, and to say we are huge fans would be an understatement.  Watch them join forces and move into a house in Kelowna to record the classic album SHOTS.  Which is a really, really great album.  Full of great songs.  And if anyone in the band is reading this, one might even say each of the tunes on this album is a masterpiece.  Yeah we said it, each song is a great tune.  Ha.




Foals - Milk and Black Spiders (cctv video)

One of our favorite bands, Foals have just released their third amazing album, Holy Fire.  Always incredible, this new outing is no exception.  Enjoy their cctv recording video of Milk and Black Spiders.