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Madlib drops "Black Widow" from Rock Konducta Vol. 1

Yet another in the massive pile proving what a genius Madlib is, this guys' organic sounding original productions of rock, funk, reggae, soul, hip hop, funk, whatever, are always so on point it is almost alarming.  We are happy to present to you, Black Widow:


Magneta Lane present their video for 'Lucky'

These Toronto ladies have been doing their thing for a bunch of years now, and have just released a great new video for "Lucky", which has a great summertime indie vibe we can't get enough of.  We hope you enjoy:


DAYTONA presents "The Road"

DAYTONA are a very dope New York based trio we just luckily stumbled across in our internet travels.  If you like bands that are great and have an original sound with lots of dope basslines and super tight drums, look no further:

Daytona's self-titled LP is out November 19 via Ernest Jenning.

You have to hear Les Jupes "Interview With A Contract Killer"

These four fellows from Winnipeg, Manitoba have joined forcesand become Les Jupes, and we, the listeners get to reap all the benefits.  They remind us of a ton of awesome bands that we love combined, and this first tune "Interview With A Contract Killer" is absolute madness.  We very much hope you enjoy it.  Also, it's from the Negative Space EP, which comes out on Oct. 1.  Listen:




Big awesome new video from YUKON BLONDE!

Vancouver band Yukon Blonde have released a most excellent video for your enjoyment, and we really think it's worth a watch.  It comes from their newest album TIGER TALK which is also awesome.  Enjoy:

Official video for Six Dead Tigers by Yukon Blonde. 
On tour now! go to http://www.yukonblonde.com