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Indie88 Presents THE OC Covering Their Tracks AUG 2 at THE HORSESHOE


 So this is happening! A GIGANTIC cast of incredible musicians are joining forces with Indie88 to cover the dozens of tracks we loved from the seminal televison dramedy The OC. So many of our favorites are involved with this from Lou Canon to Kirty and Matt from Fast Romantics, Rich Aucoin, Spencer Burton and SO many more! AND! It's for an amazing cause! Check out the info and a few vids of tunes we hope to see live!


THE OC: Covering Their Tracks
featuring “The Bait Shop Backing Band”
presented by Indie88
August 2, 2017
The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
Tickets: $15/advance or $20/door





Photo of the day: Rich Aucoin at the Great Hall



Rich Aucoin during his wild performance at the Great Hall for Canadian Music Week.


Saturday night at CMW!


If you're anything like us, you probably feel like you're on a roll at this point in Canadian Music Week.  Following today's keynote interview with the legendary Spike Lee, and all of the incredible shows that urge to catch the biggest, boldest, most energetic shows on Saturday night is pervasive.  We've got a few artists that you definitely need to take note of, even if you don't see them tonight.


1. Wolf Saga: What can we say about this multi-talented artist.  Wolf Saga is a long time friend of the Fingers On Blast crew, and we're so proud to see what he's doing these days.  There's no doubt that his 10:15 set at the Drake Underground will be a highlight of CMW 2015.  He's sharing the stage with Lyon for the first time in their careers, and he's debuting new music.  More here...



2. Ryn Weaver: The Los Angeles artist caught our attention with the single "OctaHate", partly thanks to the producer of the tune; Cashmere Cat.  She's preparing to release her debut full length "The Fool", and if last night's show at the Great Hall is any indication, she's one of the most vital new artists to watch.  Weaver and her band take the stage at Tattoo at 9:45 in what will be a surely unforgettable show.



3. Rich Aucoin: Rich Aucoin headlines the Indie 88 event at the Great Hall this evening.  The irreverent artist delivers a sharp, energetic performance, and the event also includes performances by HUMANS, Pick a Piper, Tora, and Glass Gang.  Rich Aucoin takes the stage at 12 am.



4. The Muscadettes: The Montreal duo with the wild, surf sound is tearing up the Monster Energy showcase at The Bovine Sex Club at 11 pm tonight.  Sister Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge bring the music of their new "Side A" EP to the stage, and with it a new sound for lovers of noise to discover.  




20 Things You Should See at CMW 2015



The glorious Canadian Music Week is once again upon us.  It can be tough to narrow it down and make those tough decisions, but remember, you can do all this AND MORE! So here's our guide to what the must sees are this year:


20. Avec Sans - Thurs. May 7 - Drake Hotel - 10pm

19. Bravestation - Weds. May 6 - Parts & Labour - 1:25am

18. Zerbin - Weds. May 6 - The Garrison - 9PM AND Fri. May 8 - SuperMarket - 12am

17. Coleman Hell - Sat. May 9 - Drake Hotel - 9:30pm

16. Harrison - Thurs. May 7 - Studio Bar - 12am

15. Jully Black - Tues. May 6 - Phoenix - 9pm

14. Kim Mitchell - Weds. May 7 - Phoenix - 9pm

13. Lady Lamb - Sat. May 9 - The Garrison - 11pm

12. Swamp Thing - Thurs. May 7 - Hard Luck Bar - 1:10am

11. Maya Postepski of Austra - Tues. May 5 - The Garrison - 12am

10. Soul Jazz Orchestra - Thurs. May 7 - Lula Lounge - 9:30pm

9. Lordquest - Fri. May 1 - The Rivoli - 10:55pm

8. Cairo - Fri. May 8 - Sneaky Dee's - 12am

7. Wolf Saga - Sat. May 9 - Drake Hotel - 11pm

6. Marcellus Wallace - Sat. May 9 - Velvet Underground - 11pm

5. The Lytics - Thurs. May 7 - Tattoo - 9:15pm AND Fri. May 8 - Johnny Jackson - 1am

4. The Muscadettes - Fri. May 8 - Silver Dollar - 3am AND Sat. May 9 - Bovine Sex Club - 11pm

3. The Blow - Sun. May 3 - The Garrison - 10pm

2. Slow Down Molasses - Weds. May 6 - Drake Hotel - 8:30pm AND 12:40 at Parts & Labour

1. Rich Aucoin - Sat. May 9 - Great Hall - 12am


You can get a wristband here!


Weds. in London, ON: Rich Aucoin wsg. HIGHS at Call The Office!

The multi talented, passionate and incredible musician extraordinaire Rich Aucoin will be gracing the stage tomorrow night in London, Ontario at Call The Office with the amazing HIGHS as support.  If you are familiar with Mr. Aucoin (or HIGHS) already, you know why this is essential.  But just in case, we have posted the info below and a bunch of music, so you can listen for yourself.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Ephemeral Prince Tour @ Call The Office
216 York Street, London, ON (Canada)
Set: 8:00 PM
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