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CHERiCOKE - The Garden of Eden (Maths Time Joy Remix) Free download!

Get your self this very nice r&b / electronic chilled out tune from CHERiCOKE remixed by Maths Time Joy.  We think you're gonna fuckin love it.








Meg Mac - Known Better (Free DL!)


If you love the Motown/Soul/R&B vibes, Meg Mac's new music is a must.  A powerful voice over some very crisp and moving instrumentation, this tune will is definitely for you.  We can't wait to see what's next, but for now.  Get into the very talented 22 year old from Melbourne, Australia, Meg Mac on Known Better.





The Foreign Exchange - So What If It Is

With everyone's newfound love for R&B, we sure hope The Foreign Exchange gets the incredible amount of credit that is due in their direction.  Comprised of Little Brother alum Phonte and the amazing Nicolay on production, plus a whole slew of other incredible vocalists and musicians, they are not to be slept on.  Not for another minute!  Click play below, and get so very excited for their new LP, The Reworks.

Classic of the day: Luther Vandross - Don't You Know That

An incredible selection from Luther's massive catalog of timeless music, Don't You Know That was released in 1981 and made it to 107 on the US chart and 10 on the r&b chart.  We will definitely never get sick of this soulful gem, and to be honest, the whole Never Too Much album is a classic, and it probably won't cost you much at your local thrift shop or used record store.  Keep your eyes open, this is a keeper.

Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky

Apparently this is a B side from Channel Orange.  Enjoy.  It's amazing.