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Latyrx's Long Awaited Video for 'Lady Don't Tek No'

Latyrx have just released the video for their classic 1997 tune 'Lady Don't Tek No'.  Lateef and Lyrics Born put together the clip to coincide with the release of Lyrics Born's greatest hits.  The video stars Halim Martinez and is directed by Mark Austin Heim.  




Vursatyl 'It's Nothin'


Vursatyl "Super" f. Dion

If you've been a devoted rap fan for more then 10 years, you were probably just as excited as we were to discover that Vursatyl of Lifesavas is back with another installment of hip hop history.  You may know him as one half of Lifesavas or from seeing Blackalicious on tour.  Either way, this new tune 'Super' with a great hook from Dion is extra dope, and we can't wait to hear the rest of the Crooked Straights EP.

Buy via iTunes: http://geni.us/Super 
First single from the forthcoming Crooked Straights LP

Classic of the day: Lyrics Born - I Like It, I Love It

The undisputed out of this world super talented Lyrics Born always kills it, but we will never ever get sick of this track.  Latyrx are two of the dopest to ever do it and we are honoured to be able to share their incredible music.


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Classic of the day: Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind


1999's 'Spectrum' album showed the universe just how talented and original the Quannum crew and their friends really are.  One of the stand outs is a song by Lyrics Born and the German funk band Poets of Rhythm.  'I Changed My Mind' is like nothing else we've ever heard, and it's still as fresh as the first time we heard it.  Enjoy the video!