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Stetsasonic 'People In The Neighbourhood' Unreleased!


It's not often that new music drops from your favorites growing up, but here we are with the unveiling of the unreleased 'People In The Neighbourhood' EP made up of tracks from 1991-94. Listen to this!



Thesselonious "Prince Paul Saved My Life"

A few years back, Thesselonius made this incredible tribute to the brilliant producer Prince Paul.  You will honestly be taken aback by how good this album is.  We seriously suggest you press play, this is a very cool, honest and genuine thank you from one musical supertalent to another.  Here's what Thesselonius had to say:

Paying homage is sometimes kept on too small a scale. I'm a HUGE fan of DJ Prince Paul Huston, and so in jest on Twitter, I suggested this project. The way MY mind works, however, I decided it was a dope enough concept for an EP... Thus, here we are...


Introducing the Dino 5!

The genius known as Prince Paul has formed the Dino 5, the hip hop supergroup for kids.  Featuring himself, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets, Wordsworth and Scratch of The Roots.  Damn!  What a team!  Check this out:


'Hot Guacamole' Prince Paul, MF DOOM, MC Paul Barman

This one was recorded in the early 2000's in Prince Paul's studio.  The track didn't see an official release but ended up on Doom's 'Mm.. Leftovers' released in 2004.  On his soundcloud Prince Paul comments on how well these two mc's compliment each other, and how he wished they could have recorded more songs that day.

We agree completely, these two take rap to a higher level on this tune, and their wit, intelligence and sense of rumour reminds of quite a few other Prince Paul records.  Truthfully, this one unreleased record we are thankful is finally available.

HOT GUACAMOLE ( Prince Paul demo mix ) Paul Barman and MF DOOM by DJ Prince Paul



Classic of the Day: De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays

De La Soul's hit 'A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays' was released on the groups second album 'De La Soul is Dead'.  It was released March 5th, 1991 on Tommy Boy.  The Legendary Prince Paul produced the track, basing his composition around several intricately woven samples.  It also features the voices of Q-Tip, Vinia Mojica, and Russell Simmons.  

'A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays' is a prime example of the direction De La Soul were heading in with 'De La Soul is Dead'.  They took aim at a great deal of what was happening in hip hop, especially noting the increasingly violent subject matter.  The album was one of the first records to be awarded five mics in the Source magazine.

Looking back, the song and the album marked a definite turning point in the world of hip hop.  The music got a bit tougher, and the business definitely got bigger around 1991.  The simple fact is that the De La Soul and Prince Paul influence can be felt ever since.  The layered funk samples, and the comical skits on the album are stylistic elements still found in some great hip hop music today.  

For more on the group look for First Serve, the 2012 album.  De La Soul have not missed a beat!