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Prefuse 73: Circuit Breaker Beat

'Circuit Breaker Beat' is the first single from Fudge Beats from Prefuse 73.  It's a collection of instrumentals from his collaboration with Michael Christmas entitled Fudge.  Their album Lady Parts was recorded at Nick Hook's studio back in 2015, and this upcoming record will be an exciting new companion to that project.  As always, any Prefuse 73 project is intriguing but there's just something about this first single.  Get 'Circuit Breaker Beat' here and watch for Fudge Beats coming soon.  


Prefuse 73 ft. James Tillman: 'Silver & Gold'

Sacrifices will be the first new Prefuse 73 album since 2015.  The album features James Tillman on vocals for the song 'Silver & Gold', the second single from the record.  "Basinskitarian" is the first single, followed by this masterpiece that somehow crosses over between ambient and folk.  There's always been something that made Guillermo Scott Herren's music special.  While it's damn near impossible to define, it's quite evident you'll find a lot more of it when Sacrifices is released on May 25th on Lex Records.  Preorder it here.


Prefuse 73: 'Prime Meridian Narcissism'


Prefuse 73's trilogy of EP's is set to conclude with the release of 'Every Colour of Darkness' on August 1st.  The second single from the final chapter is 'Prime Meridian Narcissim', a track that echoes the early music that helped define Prefuse 73.  The LP is available for preorder now! Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this masterpiece!



Prefuse 73: "Forsyth Gardens"

"Forsyth Gardens" is the newest release from Prefuse 73.  It's a beginning, part of a trilogy of releases coming this year.  This record was released last week in conjunction with a career spanning interview with Fact.  The next release comes out on May 12th entitled "Rivington Não Rio".  This music finds the elusive Guillermo Scott Herren embracing a warm and yet still explorative side of his music.  Listen below and get it here!



Travels In Constants vol. 25: Prefuse 73

Travels In Constants is an institution, a series of EPs released by Temporary Residence Limited from 1999 onward.  The original plan was 24 EPs, and since the project spread out over so many years the label decided to release a free EP as a bonus.  They couldn't have made a better choice of producer for their grand finale, than Prefuse 73...

This is yours free and we highly recommend you check out more from Temporary Residence Limited...