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Alyeska present 'Motel State of Mind'

 Coming outta Los Angeles, Alyeska are a brilliant trio who in our opinion, make beautiful dreamy indie rock life soundtracking goodness. Their new song 'Motel State of Mind' is a perfect example, said to be heavily influenced by The Replacements.  It makes us wanna listen to every single thing by both of these bands.


Tennis 'Modern Woman'

 We love Tennis so.

We've been on board since the beginning, and we can barely contain our excitement every time they release more wonderful music. 'Modern Woman' is like nothing before it, an authentic brand new classic with a sound all on it's own.

Listen here:


1. In the Morning I’ll Be Better
2. My Emotions Are Blinding
3. Fields Of Blue
4. Ladies Don’t Play Guitar
5. Matrimony
6. Baby Don’t Believe
7. Please Don’t Ruin This For Me
8. 10 Minutes 10 Years
9. Modern Woman
10. Island Music


Fleurie - Fire In My Bones

 We've begged you to check out the beautiful music of Fleurie before, and here we are again. It's only a matter of time until she's everywhere, so you might as well press play now!

'Fire In My Bones' is an epic anthem that reminds us of stuff we love like Banks. Check it out!


Red Sleeping Beauty - If You Want Affection

 Red Sleeping Beauty have been doing this for a while now, but somehow, this video for 'If You Want Affection' is the first music video they've ever released. It's also an awesome, soulful, upbeat electro jam that we simply can't get enough of!  Enjoy!


Alexandra Savior 'Shades'

 This is fantastic. Alexandra Savior paints a beautiful picture with 'Shades' - which just so happens to be produced by none other than Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets. And the sound is evident, in the best way. If these two creative monsters could make 10 albums together, that would be fantastic. Enjoy:

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