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PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam - The Camp


 This collaboration is beautiful. "I prayed an angel would come, and no angel came," echoes throughout the last few measures, and it only works to solidify how profound and important this music is. The money raised is set to help support displaced children in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. Help if you can!



Artwork by: Semaan Khawam/Giles Duley/Fabrica



PJ Harvey - Guilty

 This powerful new track from the amazing PJ Harvey is blowing our minds right now. She can do no wrong in our opinion - and just for added greatness we posted the lyrics below. So good!

There’s a little figure on the television
scratching at the ground by a pile of rags.
Grainy little figures on television screens
weighing up the moment – guilty, guilty.

What’s he doing with that stick?
Which one is guilty?

Back in the bunker in the operations room
a bored soldier is eating his lunch
while drones in their thousands are unveiled in Texas
to roaring voices, but nobody asked us if we wanted them.

What’s he doing with that stick?
Which one is guilty?

Power to the predator. The Grim Reaper.
Grainy little suspects running for shelter.
The drones have come in their thousands
but nobody asked us if we wanted them.

Rules and regulation…

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PJ Harvey 'The Community of Hope'

 Thank the heavens, PJ Harvey is back. Her new tune 'The Community of Hope' is an extremely inspiring and awesome piece of art that will make us all want to do better for eachother. We are gonna start right now!

Pre-Order from iTunes (http://po.st/THSDP3)
Pre-Order from Amazon (http://po.st/AMZ04)




'Gouge' - The Pixies Documentary

This is fascinating.  Some of the best musicians of all time like David Bowie and Thom Yorke, amongst many others, discussing at length the innovative genius that was The Pixies.  Whether you are a fan or not, you will definitely enjoy this one.