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5 CLASSIC Sunday tunes!

5.  Woo!  1996, via the incredible LP Muddy Waters, here is one of Redman's dopest all time tunes "Whateva Man".

4.  The beautiful chilled out string production of Koushik on "Be With"

3.  The brand new instant classics from Warpaint "Disco/Very" and "Keep It Healthy"!

2.  Madlib's premiere Quasimoto jam "Come On Feet"!

1.  Outkast - Elevators.

Run The Jewels (El P & Killer Mike) ft. Big Boi - Banana Clippers + Tourdates!

Rap superteam Killer Mike and El P who have been collaborating very successfully for the last few years are back as Run The Jewels, with a soon coming album on Fool's Gold, a massive tour, and this fantastic and super lyrical tune featuring Outkast legend Big Boi.  You won't wanna miss a second of this, as these guys really do have what it takes to set rap back on the right track.  Listen up/download below:



Tame Impala cover Prototype by Outkast!

An exceptionally dope cover for Triple J in Australia by Tame Impala.  Watch them take on Outkast's The Love Below in a big way.  They make it funky as hell and give it their own signature sound, you'll dig this.


Classic of the Day: Outkast - Aquemini

'Aquemini' is the third album from Outkast.  The title is an amalgamation of their astrological signs Aquarius and Gemini.  The title track perfectly showcases how the two mc's Big Boi and Andre 3000 compliment each other, and it also signifies a change in the group dynamic.

Around the time the album was released there were rumours of the two rappers travelling on tour in separate busses.  The record was released in September of 1998 and was well received by critics and spawned a couple of hits.  The album still stands up today, and the unignorable messages are still as relevant.  


Classic of The Day: TLC - Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes w. Andre 3000

An incredible tune from the everlasting TLC, this one was the last track on their CrazySexyCool album. It features the only and only "Dre", as was noted at the time, of Outkast, who we know all know of course and Andre 3000.  Organize Noize was on the beat, who are known for a ton of hits, especially in the early days of Outkast, which makes a lot of sense in this case.  The beat definitely has an ATLiens kind of vibe to it.  Definitely a classic album, and a perfect way to end it off.  Much respect to TLC and Andre, and RIP Left Eye.