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Nicole Moudaber remixes Depeche Mode's 'Cover Me'

Nicole Moudaber's remix of 'Cover Me' seems to emerge out of a hazy darkness.  Depeche Mode began in 1980, and the innovators in electronic music released their album Spirit back in March.  Recently remixes of the single have started to emerge, but the dark techno sound of Nicole Moudaber stands out instantly with Dave Gahan's voice and sampled instrumentation.  Get the 'Cover Me' remixes here, and get Spirit here.



Nicole Moudaber - Old Soul "Young But Not New"

Nicole Moudaber has always explored the darker territory of the world of techno.  Old Soul "Young But Not New" is a near eleven minute epic, and it's the b side from the 'Where Shadows Lie' EP.  It comes from her return to Intec Digital, and it's the first preview of what's sure to be an outstanding release.


Nicole Moudaber 'More Ways Than One'

Nicole Moudaber's latest single is a holiday jam, but 'More Ways Than One' is special. 

“I’ve had so much love from everyone this year so it’s time to give something back. I know how much my fans love my music, so I’ve decided to giveaway one of my tracks. I’ve never done this before as my music is very, very precious and normally I don’t like to share free music but I’ve had so much love from my fans and this is the least I can do for those who appreciate my work.” - Nicole Moudaber

The single on Mood Records follows her work with Skin on 'Breed', and a huge remix for Pan-Pot.  Get 'More Ways Than One' here.


Nicole Moudaber - More Ways Than One (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

As a thank you to her legions of loyal fans, Techno queen Nicole Moudaber has dropped the brand new and FREE 'More Ways Than One'.  This is going to melt your face off in the best way ever.


Pan-Pot: 'Attention' (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

Nicole Moudaber is among the huge list of names on Pan-Pot's 'The Other Remixes'.  The track 'Attention' sounds like it's coming straight from outer space.  With the intricate percussion, intense bassline and the voice calling out like a radio broadcast it gives a seriously otherworldly feel to this one.  Get 'The Other' here and preorder 'The Other Remixes' here!