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Hines Buchanan: 'Zulu'

Hines Buchanan, pictured above with Abstract Rude is no stranger to Fingers on Blast.  Check out his mixes here and enjoy his brand new track 'Zulu'!

Zulu by Hines Buchanan


Craze: 'Selekta' (JWLS remix)


Craze is releasing a new single this week on Slow Roast Records.  It's going to include this remix by DJ JWLS of 'Selekta'.  Watch for it!


Craze - Selekta (JWLS Remix Sample) by JWLS



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    DJ JWLS:






    New Solidisco on Get Right Records


    Solidisco does it again! 'One More Chance' and 'Set Me Free' will be out September 4th on Get Right Records.  You'll be able to grab the EP on iTunes and Beatport!


    Solidisco "One More Chance / Set Me Free" (PREVIEW) (Out 09.04.12) by Get Right Records




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    Flosstradamus: Underground Anthem


    Flosstradamus just dropped this new track 'Underground Anthem'.  Click here to download it FREE!


    UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM by Flosstradamus


    Who is Dog Blood?


    This video is called the 'DOG BLOOD next order teaser'.  It includes the OWLSA Skrillex' label, and Boys Noize Records' logos.  It's caused so much speculation as to whether or not it's a new artist or a collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize.  Some online sources have gone so far as to confirm that it is the two heavyweights working together.  Either way 'Next Order' the track in the video is pretty huge, and it appears to be on it's way with a tune called 'Middle Finger'.



    Anyone who's listened to Alex Ridha and Sonny Moore before knows that this music could be the result of their combined work and vision.  This is for sure, we don't recommend googling 'dog blood' to find out more.  It gets weird.

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