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Nedelle Torrisi: Rich Kids World

Nedelle Torrisi released the amazing music video for 'Rich Kids World', found on her new album Only For You.  It's directed by Natalie Fält, produced by Women and Film, and it captures the sarcastic side of the lyrics perfectly.  The lyrics are included thanks to the motion graphics by Viktor Hernandez, who also edited the video.  'Rich Kids World' is a prime example of how Torrisi's music is both smooth, and very sharp.  Only For You is one new release you need this summer.

Get into it here!


Nedelle Torrisi 'Double Horizon'

So Nedelle Torrisi has released another great video from her 2013 LP, which just came out on vinyl and it is amazing.  Nedelle is a friend of the site and she's done a mix for us AND an interview.  Is there anything she can't do?!  We hope you love this, because she's great.

From the album "Advice From Paradise" by Nedelle Torrisi, produced by Kenneth Gilmore. Out now on Vinyl / Download from Ethereal Sequence, distributed by Drag City.



Nedelle Torrisi 'Don't Play Dumb'

A favorite of ours, both as a human and a music maker, Nedelle Torrisi is just impossible not to love.  Here we have her newest video for the tune 'Don't Play Dumb' from the wonderful album 'Advice From Paradise'. 

Directed by Travis Peterson

'Don't Play Dumb' by Nedelle Torrisi (Featuring Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzalez)
From the album "Advice From Paradise" by Nedelle Torrisi, produced by Kenneth Gilmore. Out on Vinyl / Download February 17th from Ethereal Sequence, distributed by Drag City



Listen to a new demo from Nedelle Torrisi f. Sam Gendel!

This lo fi recording is perfect just the way it is, if you ask us.  Nedelle Torrisi is so exceptionally talented and awesome, we will jump at any chance to post her new music.  Check this out:


Another gem from Nedelle Torrisi "Double Horizon"

This lady is so exceptionally talented we really don't know what to do with ourselves.  A favorite of ours for a bunch of years now, Nedelle has released her stellar new solo album and we cannot possibly stop listening.  This tune "Double Horizon" is a magical retro dance journey with so much soul and so many delightful breakdowns that we are easily gonna wear out our download, if it were possible.  Thanks Nedelle Torrisi, you've done something genuinely great.