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Nadus: 26

In the words of Nadus himself, "Some Songs Just Talk To You.."  For his 26th birthday the New Jersey artist released one of the coolest pieces of music we've heard in a long time.  The simple fact is, we weren't ready.  '26' is the type of thing that has never been done before, a cover of Coldplay's 'X & Y' that sounds like the score to the greatest movie you've never seen.  You absolutely have to hear this for yourself, and follow Nadus online! It's his birthday after all. 



"Heartbroken 2017" - DJ Jayhood x Nadus x Dj Sliink x Adolf Joker


It's 2017 and this group of creative legends have joined forces to re-remix one of our favorite jams of all time. Check it:



Rae Sremmurd: 'Swang' (Nadus x DJ Tim Dolla Remix)

Nadus and DJ Tim Dolla take on one of the wildest tracks from Rae Sremmurd for their latest remix.  'Swang' comes from 'Sremmlife 2' and the synthesizer and vocal combo that sets the mood on the original somehow sounds even cooler on this new version.  The remix came out late last week and we've been listening to it on heavy rotation ever since.  The dynamic shifts in this song from the mellow moments to the intense provide the ultimate departure from the original mix.  Play this one loud and check out more from Nadus and DJ Tim Dolla below!  


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DJ Tim Dolla:

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Stream: Nick Hook 'Relationships'

Nick Hook is the man.  His album is out now on Fool's Gold Records, and if you've been following his work it's pretty clear 'Relationships' is more than just an album title.  People will always tell you that music is a business of relationships, and it's possible there isn't a better example of that in 2016 than Nick Hook.  He's worked with Young Thug, Run The Jewels, to name a few.  He's part of Cubic Zirconia, and he's currently on tour with Nadus in support of this album.  Listen to 'Relationships' below, it's one of the dopest releases of the year, no question.


Nick Hook online:


Preview: AraabMuzik & Nadus at Velvet Underground 2/13

The NBA all star weekend is bringing countless events to the city along with it, but this one is something special.  The grand opening of The Velvet Underground is rung in with an incredible show.  AraabMuzik and Nadus are bringing their acclaimed tour to Toronto, and at a time when the city is buzzing with energy.  It seems fitting that 2 artists who continually redefine music and create new sounds would usher in a new musical venue in the city.  

AraabMuzik's 'Goon Loops' and 'King' EP's are new, cutting edge releases.  The producer utilizes an MPC in his live show like no one else can.  He's developed a name as an unpredictable force in music, blurring the lines between hip hop and electronic music with grace and confidence.  Nadus' deluxe edition of 'Broke City' brings his incredible music to the world in new, unexpected forms.  The drum free version of 'Sharpe James' is met with remixes by artists like DJ Sliink and 2 new tracks.  The sound of Newark is reaching the world through Nadus and his crew, and his live sets show without a doubt this is one of the most innovative artists out there today...

Get your tickets to see AraabMuzik and Nadus at the Velvet Underground in Toronto on February 13th.