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Listen to 'Slump' from the Outkast classic 'Aquemini'. iTunes Aquemini was released September 1998.  It peaked at # 2 on the Billboard Top 200 and Hip Hop/R & B Charts.


Nero x SebastiAn

Nero: Must Be The Feeling.  It's a great song, and now it's been remixed by SebastiAn.  iTunes


Let You No

Kingdom's video for the tune 'Let You No' from the Dreama EP. iTunes


Speak Up!

That new new Laidback Luke and Wynter Gordon tune is out on Beatport and it's huge.  Don't wait, get it today, and marvel at that incredible MixMash album art.  That distinctive style has come to be instantly identifiable as the visual signature for MixMash Records.  Check their official site and get that art in a wearable form here.


Laidback Luke feat. Wynter Gordon - Speak Up (Original Mix) by LaidbackLuke


The artist behind the look of MixMash is Koa, also known as Koadzn or Olivier Cramm.  His website is right here if you want to look further.  Below we've got a couple pieces by Koa that were not MixMash projects.  Amazing stuff!


More Miike Snow

Yesterday we posted that weird Miike Snow video for 'Paddling Out' and today we discovered that the band has just released another video.  This one is for 'The Wave' and seems to follow the story where the 'Paddling Out' video left off.  The youtube video offers this description:

"Here is the official music video for "The Wave," by Miike Snow, the latest installment in the Jean Noel saga.

The video is a continuation of a thread which began in their last video for "Paddling Out." In that video, a group of unfortunates were abducted to space in an experiment to create a perfect human named Jean Noel. Following some pretty brutal chainsaw surgery, the video ended with Jean crashing to earth in a spaceship seemingly manned by classical-era twins.

Both videos were directed by Swedish Director Andreas Nillson, who's work includes MGMT and Fever Ray. Rumours the entire plot was cooked up after a real life after hours chain saw massacre are currently unconfirmed." - Noisey

Oh yes, and please go get the album: Happy To You on iTunes