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Time Travel EP part 1

Time Travel EP Pt. 1: Ancient Secrets by Andru The Crook

This is the debut ep from Andru the Crook.  It was released today, just a short hour ago.  The Time Travel EP part 1: Ancient Secrets is streamable, and downloadable from soundcloud, and can be downloaded in its entirety from mediafire.  The ep covers such genres as dubstep, trip hop and drumstep and definitely signifies growth from Andru the Crook who you may remember did mix #5 in our series that you can check out here.  


It's For You

Phone Tone is a collaboration between Brenmar, Canblaster and Ghosts on Tape.  It's a free download and it was recorded at the Redbull Music Academy in 2011.  You're probably going to like this one.

Brenmar + Canblaster + Ghosts On Tape - Phone Tone (produced at RBMA 2011) by BRENMAR


Dark Alley Anthem

Jon Kwest offers up some free house.  Surprise, Surprise this track is great.  All we can say is thank you.

Dark Alley Anthem by Jon Kwest


Shine On: Brother Ali


Yes yes, that brand new Brother Ali video for 'Shine On' is here!  Oh yes, and Rhymesayers is about ready to give you the song FREE if you join the mailing list.  Look out below!



The Horizon EP

Paul David & A-Mac - Horizon EP by DJ A-Mac

Out right now, this red hot Canadian moombahton is available on iTunes and Beatport.