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Shakka - Man Down (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Official Video)

 We were absolutely delighted to have this new Shakka tune with AlunaGeorge make it's way into our inbox. They make a great team over this moombah type vibe production, because let's be honest, Aluna turns everything she touches to gold.

Shakka is a bright light of promise and we are pretty sure he's about to blow the eff up too. Make sure you check this out:

Download/stream: http://trakhouse.co/ManDown



Munchi - Bek Den Bo Block


We couldn't possibly do this absolute monster of a tune justice, so we're gonna let the man himself explain it ... This is an essential play and read, check it out!


via Munchi on Soundcloud:

Fuck bro, it's fucking amazing to see shit evolving once again. Got me feeling like a Pokemon master n shit. This variation of Moombahton / Afro that is really popular here in Holland (read; destroying clubs/charts the last 2 years) is interlinked with everything. Who would've thought that the tresillo rhythm would be accepted in this manner?! I mean nowadays even Enrique Iglesias on the radio getting pretty on Reggeton, still wanting to be a hero for the bb's and shit. But I ain't talking about that shit - it's what's happening here tho. When I made the Trap Bubbling mixtape a couple of years ago, this was exactly what I was hoping for. Trap vocals on top of them Bubbling beats. I'm smiling while fucking typing this, since on top of that rhythmwise what's "the beat" that is being used on every single one of these tracks, ain't even Bubbling. Matter of fact, this type of beat reminds me of the Reggeton beats of early 2000.

In Korsou you also had the Reggeton poppin, but the only difference was that they also had the heavy influence of Bubbling. I never really considered it to be Reggeton, since it was in it's own league. I mean, they followed the Reggeton trends and all of that, but always with their own melaza added to this rhythm. Fast forward to today and you got the Afro shit poppin. So you got those 2 sides being merged and create what is the sound that is destroying the lyfe over here. It's straight up the same shit you hear in the clubs as an actual track, defining it without overpolishing and fu-pop-cking it up.

YESSSSSSS. #thatwhisperedreallyheartfeltYESwhenyoujustgotagoodgrade

Finally rappers seem to get the sound, skipping the entire hands-high-super-glittery-buildup-with-pretty-chords-while-in-jesus-pose bullshit. Life's good. Man I remember that I was being told this bullshit years ago; "Yeah this is great - but you need to add some chords and pop vocals". For the ones who know my unreleased shit - he was talking about "Tempo Got My Back". Bro that sample was by a dude that was in jail like 10 years for the shit he rapped. You had to see the look on my face yo lol!

So in a sense this lineage has Bubbling written all over it, so what is cooler than - adding even more Bubbling to it lol! The thing is that I made this shit in a Trap Bubbling context with Antillean Reggeton and Papiamentu Rap in mind. Then in some weird turn of events recently the Moombahton / Afro rhythm popped off. Beautiful shit man. So I got the fam on the vocals to top it off and add to the lyfe. So s/o to the old, s/o to the new, s/o to Korsou producers, s/o to the Afro producers, s/o to the newskool Moombahton producers, s/o to the Korsou influences, s/o the fam. You know all is included in the track, so hope you like it! We out here <3


Diplo - Set It Off (Video)


 Diplo, has been creating innovative, positive music since forever. From the Hollertronix and Big Dada days to Mad Decent to working with pretty much everyone - there seems to be no end in sight. This now classic track is absolutely one of our favorites from his collection, a must listen:



Dave Nada! The Master of Moombahton is BACK!

 Not that he ever left, but the man himself is back on a strictly moombah tour, with proceeds from each show going to a well deserving local charity.

We had the good fortune of interviewing Dave a few years ago in Toronto. As one half of Nadastrom and on his own, he has been one of our favorite DJs and producers for a lot of years - and if you're one of those people who think seeing a DJ live is boring, go see Dave Nada, and let him prove you wrong.


– 3/2 @ Cobra Arcade Bar – Body Talk w/ Pickster & Melo (Phoenix, AZ)
“Sounds Academy” – Music school for underserved youth.

– 3/3 @ Ace Hotel – Sweet II Bad (Los Angeles, CA) DAY
“SRO Housing” – Housing for homeless and low-income in Skid Row.

– 3/3 @ Bruno’s w/ Sazon Libre (San Francisco, CA) NIGHT
“Causa Justa” – Equal rights for people of color, immigrants, and women.

– 3/11 @ Hi-Tones w/ Bruk Out! (San Antonio, TX)
“Martinez Street Women’s Center” – Health services, education and advocacy.

– 3/16 @ Indian Roller w/ Bruk Out! (Austin, TX)
“Grassroots Leadership” – Fighting prison profiteering, mass incarceration, and deportation.

– 3/17 @ The North Door / Peligrosa House (Austin, TX)
“Las Latinas” – Empowering young latinas using media and technology.

– 3/19 @ Irene’s (Austin, TX)
“American Youthworks” – Empowering youth through education, job training, and community services.

– 3/21 @ Plugged In x La Clinica w/ JSTJR (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/24 @ Dream – Jungle Fever (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/25 @ Churchill’s Pub – Winter Bass Conference w/ Otto Von Schirach (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 4/3 @ Velvet Lounge – Moombahton Mondays: Soulove Edition w/ Jon Kwest (Wash, DC)
Planned Parenthood DC – Reproductive health services.



DJ Melo - Words (Jon Kwest Remix)

Within seconds of pressing play on Jon Kwest's remix of  'Words' we started to daydream.  The rhythm, the horns and the vocals had us reminiscing on the subject of hazy nights on tropical beaches.  The track sounds like it could be a classic, from the early days of moombahton but it's brand new, and embraces a classic house sound at the same time.  Melo has outdone himself with 'Words' and Jon Kwest's remix is simply brilliant.