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Patrick Watson - Dream For Dreaming


One of our favorite musicians out there doing it, the great Patrick Watson is back with something new for us all. Coming out of Montreal, Quebec, Patrick Watson has made so many absolutely great pieces of music and it seems we listeners are about to be gifted another in the form of 'Wave', which is out October 19 on Secret City Records. 



Stream & Save "Dream for Dreaming": http://smarturl.it/DreamForDreamingStrm
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Caveboy - I Wonder (Official Audio)


Caveboy are awesome. Seriously awesome. 


This is something we've learned over the last few years, and as time passes it only becomes more and more true. We've had the good fortune of seeing their energetic live show a couple of times, and we couldn't be more pumped when we catch wind of more new and wonderful music from the mega talented trio out of Montreal. 


I Wonder is an uptempo jam that's not gonna get old for us anytime soon and we love it. However, we couldn't possibly explain it like the band does:


“I Wonder” is about questioning; it’s about the feeling of losing something you’ve been holding onto for so long. Suddenly realizing that you’re not the same as you were, that the story is over, you’re left to rebuild yourself but you don’t know where to start. Showing your truth to someone who can’t understand you, like so many growing pains, leaves you cold and lonely."

 - Caveboy xo



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Official audio for "I Wonder" by Caveboy Music
produced & mixed by Derek Hoffman
Mastered by Dan Weston
Photo by Kelly Jacob
Logo by Jessie Kravitz
Artwork by Lana Cooney

Patrick Watson - Melody Noir (Official Video)

 One of our all time favorite musicians, the brilliant Patrick Watson is back with his incredible new single and video 'Melody Noir'. Time after time Patrick Watson makes beautiful, wonderful creations and performs them in a way that does their greatness justice and then some.

We can't wait for more new goodness coming soon ...

“Melody Noir”, the new single.

Get it now: http://smarturl.it/MelodyNoir

Stream & Download “Melody Noir”: http://smarturl.it/MelodyNoir 

Directed by Patrick Watson & Brigitte Poupart

Produced by Olivier Sirois Follow Patrick Watson:

YouTube: http://bit.ly/PatrickWatsonYT

Website: http://bit.ly/PatrickWatsonW


Twitter: http://bit.ly/PatrickWatsonTW

Instagram: http://bit.ly/PatrickWatsonIN

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Photo of the day: Lorde at Osheaga 2017


Caveboy present 'Landslide'

 The Montreal trio Caveboy have just released their new single 'Landslide'.  The synth sound paired with Michelle Bensimon's voice are instantly demanding of your attention.  The song is about desire, about finding that thing you want so much you can't handle it, and the dedication to make it happen, to make it real.  For Caveboy the song must have a special significance as they're about to embark on their first cross Canada tour, all leading towards the Juno Awards in Vancouver.  So check out 'Landslide' and those tourdates below, and watch for Caveboy at Juno Fest at the Biltmore Cabaret March 23rd.

Get 'Landslide' here!



Thursday, March 15 - Thunder Bay, ON - Crocks
Friday, March 16 - Winnipeg, MB - The Good Will Social Club
Monday, March 19 - Regina, SK - The Exchange
Tuesday, March 20 - Edmonton, AB - The Almanac
Wednesday, March 21 - Calgary, AB - The Palomino
Thursday, April 19 - Montreal, QC - PHI Centre