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slenderbodies Present The New Song 'Lucid'

Earlier this year slenderbodies released the EP Fabulist, and now there's a new single on Mind Of A Genius.  'Lucid' represents the soulful electronic sound well, and teaming with Mind Of A Genius should help to draw some much deserved attention and help slenderbodies garner some new fans.  The rainy, moody track is like nothing we've ever heard before and we're sure you're going to love it.

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VIDEO: KWAYE 'Cool Kids' 

KWAYE's video for 'Cool Kids' puts him in the midst of the land of concrete in London.  From the rooftops dancing on his own, to being joined by a large group of dancers he's bringing life to the cold, grey streets in the video.  The fact is he's doing the very same thing bringing his music to the world.  While studying at UCLA a series of chance encounters led to creating 'Cool Kids' and later signing with Mind of a Genius.  Get 'Cool Kids' on iTunes.

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Gallant: 'Bourbon'

Gallant was an undiscovered talent seemingly only moments ago.  He's released yet another single, and in doing so announced the date his debut album 'Ology' will be released.  It's the fourth song from his album, out April 6th that is available now.  In addition, Gallant re-released the iconic gold sad face t-shirt online and it sold out within hours.  This is one artist who caught us by surprise and keeps us guessing.  We can't wait to hear this album, preorder it now...

Gallant: Talking In Your Sleep

Los Angeles artist Gallant delivers a new track "Talking In Your Sleep" and with it, opens himself up to a whole new audience.  The single is released by Mind of a Genius, and the pairing of the beautiful voice and the impeccable production creates a new sound you'll be right at home with.  Gallant's voice takes centre stage at certain moments, and blends in to the heavy beat at others.  This variation and embrace of the unpredictable makes this an exciting track.