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DJ MUGGS & MF DOOM: 'Death Wish' feat. Freddie Gibbs


DJ Muggs is preparing to release the new project Assassination Day on August 3rd, and June 29th marks the release of his special project with MF Doom.  To announce the project they released 'Death Wish' with Freddie Gibbs, and today they've got the animated video for the track.  It tells the vigilante tale perfectly, and serves as a dynamic invitation to the record that's out later this week and also features a cameo from Kool G Rap.

AVAILABLE NOW at https://soulassassins.com


Madlib and MF DOOM present 'Avalanche'

 Althought this brilliant new Madvillain figure is probably long since sold out by the time we post this, the exclusive 45 that comes with it is something we can now all enjoy forever.  'Avalanche' is exactly what we've all been craving for years now. And we think you're gonna love it too:

Exclusive 45 with the Madvillain figure http://rappcats.com/avalanche


KOOL KEITH - SUPER HERO (feat. MF DOOM) | Official Video

 Most certainly one of the things we love most about hip hop is the collabs. Collabs of all kinds, all the time. The banger from the mighty Kool Keith and the one and only MF Doom is absolutely off the charts. It's clear as day how these two artists have obtained legendary status - they are definitely two of the best to ever do it.

CD http://tinyurl.com/zg4urry
Vinyl http://tinyurl.com/j8vknmw
iTunes http://tinyurl.com/zwof8hp
Amazon http://tinyurl.com/hw5bt2r
Bandcamp http://tinyurl.com/zzu3l5k




Super Hero: Kool Keith and MF Doom

Kool Keith and MF Doom trade verses on the out of this world track 'Super Hero'.  The song is a free download from the Mello Music Group, and between the eerie, dark piano and the voices of two legends make for a really weird, incredibly dope track.  The track is produced by Kool Keith, and comes from the new album 'Feature Magnetic'.  Get it here!


Busta Rhymes 'The Return of The Dragon' (Mixtape)

 Busta is a beast. For a long time now, he's been one of the most skilled and original mcs doing it. In our opinion he is extremely high up on the list of the best mcs of all time. He makes a point with this mixtape, from a ferocious selection of beats to guests from Chance The Rapper to MF Doom to Mary J Blige to The Lox. This is something we are all going to be marvelling at for years to come. Big respect to Busta Rhymes.