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Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey: 'Whole Food'

Back in June we brought you the single 'The Meek' from the duo of Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey.  Today we've got the full album, so you can check out 'Whole Food' from front to back.  This endeavour puts the Dallas based producer Gensu Dean and the nomadic (Detroit, NYC, Chicago) MC known as Denmark Vessey in the studio together for a bold collection of tracks.  Like the namesake, you know this record is full of stuff that is really good for you.  Get it here from Mello Music Group.


VIDEO: Ugly Heroes 'Everything In Between'

Ugly Heroes have just released the video for 'Daisies' along with the vinyl release of the album 'Everything In Between'.  This video makes it clear that this crew of Red Pill, Apollo Brown, and Verbal Kent are so dope, and ready to take over with this record.  It was released last month and now it's available on limited edition clear vinyl from Mello Music Group


Lando Chill: 'Early In The Morning'


Lando Chill is a one of a kind mc.  Born and raised in Chicago, his father passed away when he was three years old.  This new album 'For Mark, Your Son' is Lando Chill sending a message to his father in the only way possible.  'Early In The Morning' is the new single, and it's a bright, bold tune on the more positive side of this project.  It's a very interesting compliment to the previously released 'Coroner' that ends the album.  The record will be out August 12th on Mello Music Group.



Oddisee: 'Born Before Yesterday'

Oddisee is back with another track from 'The Odd Tape', his upcoming instrumental effort.  'Born Before Yesterday' is a dynamic, moody track with an introspective feel.  Watch for the album out May 13th.


Finale feat. Homeboy Sandman & Miz Korona - 'Just Due' (prod. Oddisee)

Detroit's Finale announced his new album on Mello Music Group.  'Odds & Ends' is produced completely by Oddisee.  The record will be out on August 14th, and if the new single 'Just Due' with Homeboy Sandman and Miz Korona is any indication, it's going to be huge.