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Meg Myers: 'Running Up That Hill' + Tiny Desk Concert

Meg Myers is turning heads with 2 new releases today.  She's released her cover of one of the greatest songs ever written, and appeared on one of the coolest shows that a musician can in this day and age.  Her rendition of the Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill' was released today.  It's also part of her NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and it's an absolutely perfect fit.  No other artist could give it this volatile energy that Myers does.  She also performs 'Jealous Sea' and 'Tear Me To Pieces' from her 2018 album Take Me to the Disco.  Check out 'Running Up That Hill' and the Tiny Desk Concert below.


Meg Myers presents 'Motel'

 Meg Myers is great. Everyone should know that. There's really no debate about it. She makes powerful, painfully honest music and does so with so much passion and purpose that it's clear as day that you are witnessing a brilliant artist.  Her new song 'Motel' (and the video) are pretty much perfect, and anyone who hasn't checked her out yet, this is the perfect place to start:


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Meg Myers: 'Lemon Eyes' (StéLouse Remix)

Meg Myers' single 'Lemon Eyes' takes on a new brilliance in this remix.  StéLouse doesn't diminish the dynamic intensity of the original, but instead harnesses it and makes it work in it's own new way.  She followed the release of her album 'Sorry' with a remix by a wildly creative producer.  This is a bold new sound from two exciting artists on the rise. iTunes


VIDEO: Meg Myers 'Lemon Eyes' 

Meg Myers full length debut album 'Sorry' is out, and she's bringing her incredible live show to Toronto this weekend.  It's simply perfect timing that she'd release the video for 'Lemon Eyes' the day before her show at Adelaide Hall. Myers is a powerful performer with such raw emotion in her songs that many are caught off guard by the intensity of the live show.  With such brilliant music reflecting feelings like paranoia and jealousy in 'Lemon Eyes' and the rest of 'Sorry', she's created something wonderful.  This music, especially live lends the listeners great comfort and strength in times of struggle.  Get 'Sorry' here, and get tickets to see her live at Adelaide Hall on October 17th here