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VIDEO: Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix: 'Set Me Free'

Get weird with Dillon Francis and Martin Garrix in this new video for 'Set Me Free'.  The track is a wild, unpredictable journey, and the video certainly keeps the pace.  You start off online on a Martin Garrix/Dillon Francis fan page, and journey out into the great beyond, as only two creative innovators like these can envision. iTunes


Yellow Claw's Air Jager Tour Documentary!

The Dutch trio Yellow Claw may be on the cusp of releasing their debut album, but they're no rookies.  They've been on the road, all over the world putting on one of the wildest shows we've ever seen.  'Blood For Mercy' is their first full length, and they're giving their captive audience something big to look forward to.  In this short documentary by Selwyn De Wind you get a good look at the group, their music, but most importantly their fans and their shows.  Preorder 'Blood For Mercy' on iTunes.


VIDEO: Grandtheft ft. Lowell 'Quit This City'

Grandtheft's song 'Quit This City' with Lowell is already an emotional one.  This video directed by John Poliquin makes this such a heavy experience, by including a powerful story of a terrifying reality of our world.  The video is more a short film than anything else, the song and story fit perfectly each lends power to the other...

Director John Poliquin:

"Shot across two nights in Barcelona with a primarily Spanish cast and crew, these scenes are a combination of conventional filmmaking and on-the-wall documentary observations. Many of the scenes were filmed in the rowdy nightlife district where the camera had to be concealed at points for safety. The scenes where the girls are working the corner was photographed on a long lens from across the street, which led to the actresses being approached by both police and men looking to hire sex workers. Some of the men who approached the actresses were disrespectful and harassing, which unfortunately mirrored the malicious spirit of the final man in the film."

Get 'Quit This City' on iTunes.


Two Fresh: 'Torch' on Mad Decent


Two Fresh just released their second EP, and with it they establish themselves as a bold movement in hip hop.  The immediate stand out track is 'Still Got It' with Joey Purp and Vic Mensa, but the whole EP makes for a great listen.  This one bumps from beginning to end.  Get yours!



Lido & Santell: The Passion Project

Lido has been turning heads, especially with his collaboration with Wave Racer on 'World Record' from 'Flash Drive'.  He follows it with another collaboration, this time it's the 'Passion Project' with Santell.  The two open with 'Ashley', setting the tone for an incredible collection of music.  This new release puts the two in the realm of 90's r & b and pop but with a skill and depth of production that is entirely cutting edge.  You need to hear it for yourselves, we can't get enough, and we especially love the first one 'Ashley'.  iTunes

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