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Luckyiam ft. Myka 9 + Open Mike Eagle: Me & the Mikes

Luckyiam has long been an mc we've recognized as one of the dopest.  Since the early days of the Mystik Journeymen, and Living Legends, and onto his newer solo records, and Luck n Lana Kill the Computer he's made no nonsense, unspeakably dope hip hop.  Celebrating his birthday by releasing new music follows the same trend of the history of greatness.  'Me & The Mikes' puts Lucky in the vocal booth with two more of our favourite California mc's over a tough production by Putrid.  Hellfyre Club's Open Mike Eagle, and Freestyle Fellowship's Myka 9 join in for this one, and the results are proof that these three are heroes of hip hop.



Scarub, Sunspot Jonz and LuckyIAM are "The Darkies"

Three of our all time favorites are in the zone on this one.  Living Legends super mcs Scarub, Lucky and Sunspot have formed The Darkies, and drop some serious madness here on "Jim Crow".  You should really give this one a listen.


Luck N' Lana Kill The Computer: Act Like You Know

Act like you know Luck and Lana Kill the Computer are finally about to release their debut full length album.  We've heard a few tracks over the last year and now the anticipation is about to pay off.  Luckyiam and Lana Shea teamed up with dubstep super producers Kill The Computer for some extreme lyrical skill with some heavyweight instrumentals.  Get into 'Wicked' and watch for the album, out on October 29th.


Best I Can

This track by Luckyiam came up on the iPod shuffle today.  You should check it out, and probably go for the whole album here

3 Questions with Luckyiam

This is Luckyiam.  You might remember an interview we did with him recently, you know the one.  He shed some light on the final 8 mc Living Legends show in San Diego, and about what's next from him.  Click here to read that interview, you'll be happy you did.

Alongside the new album 'Time To Get Lucky' and preparing for a big tour with Mac Lethal, Lucky has put together this short documentary with  It's called 3 questions, and it includes Lucky and the other 7 members of the Living Legends talking about performing at Paid Dues, and the last show at House of Blues San Diego.  

It also gets into everyone's reactions to the news of what's happening with the group, and what everyone is working at now.  

This is a must watch for any fan of the mighty Living Legends crew!

And for Lucky fans, watch out for the upcoming album 'Luck and Lana Kill the Computer'.  It's a collaboration between Lucky, Lana Shea, and producers Kill the Computer.  It's going too be dope!