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Codes "Brooklyn Bounce" Remix LP!

The Brooklyn hero and super dj Codes is back with a super collection of remixes from greats from all over.  We don't wanna give away too much, except for the fact that you can listen to the whole thing here! Lots of tunes, lots of musicians, styles from all over.  We think you're gonna love it.


Stream Fei-Fei's amazing new album "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate"

This one caught us off guard in the best way, we thought we were in for a bunch of 4/4 grooves that we knew we would love.  However, Fei Fei has done some serious sonic exploration and experimentation this one and has simply made an album of beautiful music.  This is such a versatile and engaging album that you could literally do anything to it.  Exercise stuff, studying stuff, sexy stuff, dancing stuff.  Whatever kind of stuff you're into, Fei Fei has got you covered.  Much respect to her, "Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate" is a homerun.

Remember if you love something, support it.  Buy it, share it, tell your friends, go to a show, hi five a stranger.

Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate Out now on iTunes:

Stream "Distraction" the new LP from Bear Hands!

Now these guys are a fuckin band. Straight up and down, this album is incredible from start to finish.  Spastic yet precise indie rock with intricate melodies and tight instrumentation, what else could you ask for?  We are officially Bear Hands fans for life, and we think that if you listen to this album you probably will be too.  Enjoy:


FREE DL! Vel The Wonder's "Laced With Pearls" LP!

Vel The Wonder is straight up relentless.  This woman is a viscious MC with a never ending arsenal of lyrics and flows.  Coming straight out of Los Angeles, we sincerely hope you give this new album a solid listen.

The Aprons - Sound Stains LP

The Aprons are a very talented and fun to listen to band from Tel Aviv, Israel.  The have been compared to Mazzy Star and Beach House, which is awesome.  But trust us, The Aprons are on some other shit.  Listen to their whole album here, and watch an incredible video for Sound Stain, which has been worked on by 40 different animators.  Go for it: