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Scion AV presents: BARE studio tour!

Dubstep titan BARE takes us on a quick tour of his LA studio and shows us how he likes to make his awesome noisy noises.  Check it:


Them Jeans - Vowel Play (Video)

First of all, this is a great tune.  Second of all, the video is a day in the life of of our favorite DJ / podcast host / producers.  Watch him cruise around and eat snacks, make songs, do an interview, play a set, get his car washed, and just be extremely tall all over the place.  It's pretty sweet.  Enjoy.

Great White Buffalo present their self titled EP

LA quartet Great White Buffalo have a very nice sounding grungy sort of indie rock vibe, that you can check out NOW on their brand new pay what you can self-titled ep!  Sounds great right!  Wait til you hear it!


In The Valley Below - Hymnal EP


Something that is definitely worth checking out on this lovely spring evening is the new stream of In The Valley Below's EP, called Hymnal.  It starts off so beautifully, with some nice deep bass and lovely vocals amidst the melodic keys and guitars, along with some subtle but not underwhelming percussion.  


Angela Gail, the vocalist, puts it well, that they make the music they would want to listen to, which is clearly the best way to do it.  Wouldn't you agree?  That's exactly what we here at Fingers on Blast have been doing since day one. Lucky for us, doing what we want has led us to such gems as In The Valley Below.  The Los Angeles duo is about to make some major waves we predict, and we can't wait to hear what they do next.  Enjoy the ep below, and learn more by clicking them links.




MOCA Los Angeles, Alia Shawkat & David Choe

This is an awesome look into David Choe's infamous bat cave in Los Angeles, thanks to MOCA Los Angeles, Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs.  Watch it now!