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L'Orange & Solemn Brigham are Marlowe

Marlowe is the product of the collaboration between producer L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham.  This two makes a strong first impression with the song and video for 'Lost Arts'. It pairs a rugged lyricist with an innovative producer and the duo have cooked up a single with so much soul that we can't wait for more.  The 17 song self titled album is coming July 13th on Mello Music Group, and 'Lost Arts' has us convinced it's going to be worth the wait...  

Preorder Marlowe here


L'Orange & Mr. Lif: 'A Palace In The Sky'

L'Orange and Mr. Lif have a new album on the way.  The release of 'The Life and Death of Scenery' is slated for October 14th.  If the few samples we've heard so far are any indication it's going to be an instant classic.  'A Palace In The Sky' will be released through a partnership between Mello Music Group and Adult Swim.  It will also feature the Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac as 'The Narrator'.  Listen to 'A Palace In The Sky' and preorder the album here!