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5 Special Ed Tracks All Hip Hop Heads Need!

 One of our favorite true school MC's, Special Ed has been sampled a ton and bitten even more, but nothing will change the fact that he recorded some of the tightest bangers in hip hop history.

1. I Got It Made

2. The Magnificent

3. The Mission

4. Think About It

5. Neva Go Back



17 Essential Wu Tang Tracks

Here are 17 of our favorite tunes from one of the best crews to ever come together to bless the mic.
1. Triumph


2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin'


3. Daytona 500



4. NYC Everything



5. C.R.E.A.M.



6. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)



7. It's Yourz



8. Can It Be All So Simple



9. Reunited



10. Wu Wear



11. Method Man



12. Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)



13. Sucker MC's



14. The Worst



15. Gravel Pit



16. UZI



17. I Can't Go To Sleep



11 Must Have Tracks From The Freestyle Fellowship

Aceyalone, Myka 9, Self Jupiter, PEACE and DJ Kiilu are pretty much the best to ever do it.  We say that because we've believed it for a long, long time. These exceptionally talented gentlemen formed and ultimately made hip hop better as a whole genre, a whole culture.  With them making music together, the bar of what was considered dope rapping was raised considerably.  But it's not just the fact that they are the best MCs with the most raw skill, they also make the absolute dopest tracks.  Here are 11 we hand picked to prove this point - we dare you to try are argue with us.  We dare you.


11. Respect Due

10. Way Cool

9. Ghetto Youth

8.  Once Again

7. Shockadoom

6. Bullies On The Block

5. Can You Find The Level Of Difficulty In This

4.  Planets Ain't Aligned

3. Hot Potato

2. The Promise

1. Pure Thought


Our Top 5 Movie Posters For Stuff Coming in 2014












Here are some tunes to get you in the zone.  It's time.

10. Drake - Worst Behaviour

09. Calvin Harris & Florence - Sweet Nothings (Grandtheft & Diplo Remix)

08. Drop The Lime - Bandit Blues (Nadastrom Remix)

07. Busta Rhymes & Q Tip - Thank You

06. Childish Gambino - Heartbeats (Treasure Fingers Remix)

05. Mr. Scruff - Get On Down

04. Spoon - Trouble Comes Running

03. Friendly Fires - Pull Me Back To Earth

02. Mapei-Don't Wait (Smalltown DJ's Edit)

01. Disclosure-Help Me Lose My Mind (ft. London Grammar)