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Classic of the day: Lifesavas - Me

 This right here is from the classic LP from Lifesavas called 'Spirit In Stone' - it dropped in 2004 but it's as incredibly dope as ever. Give the fantastic tune a listen wether you know and love it or are a first time listener! This shit is good for you!


Vursatyl remixed by DJ Spinna

 Get into a big fat funkdafied remix from legendary selector and producer DJ Spinna. You'll love his fresh spin on Vursatyl's hype new tune:


Vursatyl 'It's Nothin'


Vursatyl 'Crooked Straights' sampler mixed by MASEO!

After a long wait we have been blessed with a new album from Vursatyl of the Lifesavas crew. It's out now, and what we think you should do is listen to this quick sampler mixed by Maseo of De La Soul to get you primed for what is sure to be one of the best hip hop records this year.


Vursatyl "Bring It To A Halt"

You know Vursatyl from Lifesavas, or if you've ever seen Blackalicious live, pretty much.  This guy is a super MC out of Portland, Oregan who has a new album out on BBE Records and it's gonna be oh, so good.  Check out the video for 'Bring It To A Halt' here!

The second single from Vursatyl's 'Crooked Straights': http://geni.us/VursatylCrooked