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Classixx remix Lawrence Rothman's 'Wolves Still Cry'

Lawrence Rothman is truly one of the most brilliant talents in music today, and yet many music lovers have yet to discover that magic.  Rothman is a fascinating artist, involved in all aspects of the creation and release of the music, using alter ego's throughout his work, and continually challenging expectations and the status quo for modern musicians.  Classixx released a remix of 'Wolves Still Cry' from Rothman's debut album The Book Of Law, and it's simply beautiful.  While tailored for the dance floor, this song remains mellow, and retains a vibrant beauty that cannot be found everywhere.  For those who know this is another example of Rothman's powerful music, for those who don't this is a perfect place to discover such an exciting artist.

Get The Book Of Law here.


Lawrence Rothman ft. Marissa Nadler: 'Ain't Afraid Of Dying'

The mysterious Lawrence Rothman has released a new song with Marissa Nadler.  The song also features Carla Azar of Autolux on drums.  'Ain't Afraid Of Dying' comes from Rothman's debut full length album The Book Of Law a project that showcases his 9 alter egos, including Hooky the one present on this song.  'Ain't Afraid Of Dying' was created the day after learning that a close friend was dying of a rare disease.  In their last conversation that friend said "I might be off my timing, but I ain't afraid of dying..."



VIDEO: Lawrence Rothman 'Oz vs. Eden'

Lawrence's Rothman's creativity knows no bounds.  This has never been more evident than in this video.  The legendary Floria Sigismondi directed this one, and the last video for 'California Paranoia'.  This song features a new alter ego from Rothman, as well as vocals from Charli XCX.  This is so far from what we expect from her, and has us wondering what we're watching.  We can't look away, can't explain it and yet somehow can't get enough.  Watch for the song out November 6th.


Lawrence Rothman & Angel Olsen: 'California Paranoia'

The incredibly creative Lawrence Rothman is about to release some bold new music.  'California Paranoia' is being produced by Justin Raisin who has worked with Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira, and Ariel Pink.  The upcoming album is ambitious, even for such a creative mind as Rothman.  It sees him in the studio with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, and Angel Olsen who appears on this track, the ominous 'California Paranoia'.  Get the single now, and watch for the album!