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Lando Chill presents 'Fauna'

Lando Chill is about to release his new album Black Ego on Friday.  His ambitious new record brings a wide variety of influences and unique lyrical perspective.  'Fauna' brings some serious intensity, with a strange, enchanting beat and a dynamic flow.  You'll need to rewind this one back a few times to catch everything that's going on here, and we sure can't get enough.  Listen to 'Fauna' below and preorder the album here.


Lando Chill & The Lasso: 'yo luv' 

Lando Chill and the Lasso deliver a new single on Mello Music Group.  They're a home for incredible hip hop music, and 'yo luv' is certainly no different.  'yo luv' comes from māyā. maia. mayui, the upcoming EP from this duo.  This is a new sound with a classic soul feeling.  It makes for some excitement towards that new release, especially when you take a listen to 'Fck W/ Me'.


Lando Chill: 'Early In The Morning'


Lando Chill is a one of a kind mc.  Born and raised in Chicago, his father passed away when he was three years old.  This new album 'For Mark, Your Son' is Lando Chill sending a message to his father in the only way possible.  'Early In The Morning' is the new single, and it's a bright, bold tune on the more positive side of this project.  It's a very interesting compliment to the previously released 'Coroner' that ends the album.  The record will be out August 12th on Mello Music Group.