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VIDEO: Kid Sister 'Long Way Back'

The second release in the return of Kid Sister is the video for 'Long Way Back'.  The single ended a hiatus that to creative reinvention, and that is symbolically represented in this video.  'Long Way Back' is a bold new direction for Kid Sister, and we can't get enough.  This is a marvel of songwriting and film-making, as she embraces something that many have felt but few can put into words.  Check out the video for 'Long Way Back' below, and get into the song here


Kid Sister: 'Long Way Back' 

Kid Sister's return is a very welcome one, and the first song she's released is unlike anything we've heard from her before.  The Chicago artist was prominent in the evolution of club music and takes that into account in this tale of a life long love of music.  After time away from the spotlight this is an amazing new release, and news of a new chapter in Kid Sister's career is pretty exciting.  We can't wait to hear what she comes up with next.  Check out 'Long Way Back' below.



Kid Sister appears on "Don't Stop Get It" - The Born Dirty debut

We love Kid Sister, and we always have.  Last year her creative evolution led to the new name, Jane Jupiter, and an exciting new sound.  This track is one of the last new Kid Sister jams you're going to get for a while and it's especially exciting because it's the debut track from Born Dirty.  Born Dirty is the new collaboration from Linden Jay and Son Of Kick, two London artists who bring a wide array of influences to this track.  "Don't Stop Get It" is a garage masterpiece, a sign of things to come, and absolutely made unforgettable by Kid Sister.  

This one is available now on Nest HQ, the free outlet of OWSLA, so get the hottest new tune we've heard in a while.



VIDEO: Jane Jupiter x Chapman 'Stargazing'

When Kid Sister made her triumphant return with new music 'Stargazing' was one of the new tracks showing off the vibrant new sound. In this case it's set against the stark black and white video starring the new persona Jane Jupiter and Chapman, as they share in the vocal duties on the track.  'DUSK2DAWN' is a must listen, one of our top picks from 2014, get it here!


Get to know Jane Jupiter with Thump

When Kid Sister released her latest mixtape 'Dusk 2 Dawn: The Diary of Jane Jupiter', she evoked a great change and great curiosity from her audience.  The music charted a transition, one that marked leaving some of the classic sound behind for bold new territory.  In this talk with Thump she outlines what led to the change in persona, and the ideas of what will come next for Jane Jupiter.  Watch the interview below and get the mixtape here!