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Abstract Rude f. Myka 9 and Aceyalone 'Sumtymez'

Check out this fresh out of this world new tune from Ab Rude, Myka, and Aceyalone, who have been known to go by Haiku D'e Tat, and make some of the greatest hip hop in the history of ever.  This new one "Sumtymez" from Abstract Rude's new Owl's Cry mixtape is more proof of their magnificent chemistry as MC's and creators, as well as their raw skill on the mic. You need to hear this:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the... Abstract Rude feat. Myka 9 & Aceyalone "Sumtymez" Produced by Kenny Segal Directed & Edited by Spencer Keeton Cunningham P & C 2017 Keep The Feel Entertainment off the lp THE OWL'S CRY by Abstract Rude & DJ Vadim. Visit abstractrude.com Visit keepthefeel.com


Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal - Man Overboard (feat. Myka 9 And Busdriver)

This is the ultimate.

Self Jupiter (of Freestyle Fellowship) and Kenny Segal are ready to drop their second amazing record as The Kleenrz. To set it off, they've dropped the downtempo and superlyrical 'Man Overboard' with fellow monsters of the chop style flow, Myka 9 and Busdriver.

Also, there's a little nod to us in the tune.

Our day is made. This is amazing. So much respect for these talented gentlemen.


"First Forty Eight" by The Kleenrz

The unstoppable force known as The Kleenrz, comprised of Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal have graced us with another banger, "First Forty Eight".  A bouncy horn filled masterpiece, we think you're gonna be happy you clicked play on this one.


Epic new track from Abstract Rude: "Kan Of Whoop Ass"

We've had the honour of working with this man for a few years now, and he's always been a legend in our minds.  Abstract Rude has a new album on the way and his first order of business is to drop this tune, which in our opinion is fucking INCREDIBLE.  Kenny Segal on the beats, DJ Drez on the cuts and Abbey Rizzle on the raps.  This is a grand slam.  You must get into this. Project Blowed for EVER!

Stream the clean version of "Kan Of Whoop Ass" here: https://soundcloud.com/keepthefeel/ka....
Visit Ab Rude at abstractrude.com

Nocando has a new video for "No Credit AKA Thirsty In Osaka"

One of our favorite mcs and podcasters from Project Blowed and Shots Fired has just released in insanely dope mixtape called Tits N' Explosions, and subsequently the video for "No Credit AKA Thirsty In Osaka", produced by none other than Kenny Segal.  Make sure you check this one out, and go for the mixtape here: